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Find out if you are suitable for having a bed friend based on your zodiac sign.

When you come out of a story, many times, the only thing you want is to take some time for yourself and to understand what you really want and how to avoid making the mistakes of the past. This phase has a duration that varies from person to person but which in some cases can also be long, leading to a desire for company, at least between the sheets. To overcome the problem there are the so-called friends of the bed, a different version of friendship but which for many people seems to work.
Unfortunately, in this type of relationship, the risk is to fall in love and ruin everything, ending up breaking your heart again and everything just when you were trying to cure it. Fortunately, there are several clues that can help us understand whether or not we are suitable for such a relationship and one of these is the influence that the stars have on us. So today, after seeing how social you are, you will find out whether or not you are inclined to have a friend in bed.

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Are you suitable for having a bed friend? Here is the opinion of the stars

Aries – Definitely yes
A relationship like this is the most relaxing thing for you. With a friend of the bed you can have fun between the sheets, let off steam when you need to feel listened to, and even go out for ice cream and all without having to give an account and reason for your movements or to feel constrained in some way. It is a type of relationship so suitable for you that the risk is that you end up making it so perfect that you no longer want to seek love. Be careful, however, because sooner or later the desire to fall in love will come back. Better, therefore, not to give too much hope to your potential bedmate because while you are experiencing an affair without involvement he may even fall in love.

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Taurus – Definitely not
The idea sometimes teases you but in practice, it is really not suited to your way of being. You need attention and firm points that a relationship of this type will never give you. For this reason, while being alone is something you just don’t like, the best thing to do to recover from the end of a story is to give yourself time to think, putting everything else to sleep. This way the healing process will certainly be faster and your heart will soon be ready to love again.

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Gemini – Depending on the circumstances
A friend of the bed can be an excellent alternative to the single life that, in the long run, would end up tiring you leading you to weave a new story just to not feel alone or, even worse, to change things. In choosing the person with whom to live this type of relationship, however, you will have to pay close attention, always remembering that it is not about love and trying not to make it too stable. Without love, in fact, it is very difficult for you to establish a relationship that is lasting without your desire for novelty does not lead you to ruin everything.

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Cancer – Absolutely not
Unless you meet someone who falls in love with you the first time and who you already feel you can reciprocate, a story like this just doesn’t suit your needs at all. You need to be pampered and pampered, to always feel safe and to know that you have the love of your life next to you. Without it, your happiness will never be completely complete. So why can’t spending time with someone you already know make you happy? Better to wait for the right person to arrive, perhaps allowing yourself some outings in order to increase the chances of meeting. This way you will cheat the wait without starting stories that could be more harmful than anything else.

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Leo – It depends on the person you find
This type of relationship can be a great pastime but only if the person you choose will always make you feel the center of attention. After all, besides love, there are other things that can make you feel at your best like compliments, gifts and all kinds of attention. All things that you will hardly be able to receive from a bed friend. The advice of the stars is therefore to close immediately if the relationship established is not to your liking.

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Virgo – Enough
Your practicality makes you a suitable person for this kind of relationship. Accustomed as you are to planning everything, you will have no difficulty in remembering what story you are experiencing and why, which will also make you able to understand when it is appropriate to interrupt the relationship. Just be careful not to make the other person feel too involved or the risk of breaking a heart will lead you to have a bad memory of this experience.

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Libra – Very little
Maybe you have thought about this possibility every now and then and maybe you have even tried. The truth is that while you are not properly denied, you also have a way of being that does not make you totally suitable for this type of relationship. Your need for perfection is, for example, a first obstacle to it. A problem that in your case could change with an old friend, perhaps one of those with whom the relationship has always been particular and not immune to a certain attraction. But be careful, because an ex is always an ex, even if you have only been friends with the bed and in view of a new love, your friendship could take a lot of shocks. Are you sure you want to take a chance?

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Scorpio – reach but not for long
If the friend in question is someone you respect and trust, then the relationship may be for you but only for a short time. In the long run, in fact, you would end up creating a sort of intimacy that would tie both of you together in a difficult story to define and that could lead to both having feelings. Nothing bad if it happens both but very sad if it happens only to you or the other person. Therefore, it is better to always keep your feet on the ground and constantly monitor the progress of the situation in order to understand in time when it is necessary to brake.

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Sagittarius – Absolutely yes
A bed friend is something that is definitely for you, allowing you to have a steady partner between the sheets but without constraints that force you to give him explanations about your travels or your way of life. A condition in which you would be too comfortable but which in the long run could tire the other person. Your desire for freedom is in fact so strong as to risk making even a bedmate feel uncomfortable that never knowing if and how long you are could end up looking elsewhere or demanding attention that you would not be able to give him.

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Capricorn – Maybe
Let’s say that your ability to be in a relationship of this type depends a lot on the situation you are in at the moment. If you are happily single, then the answer is definitely positive. If, on the other hand, you have just come out of a story that made you suffer, the best thing to do is to avoid new stories that, although less demanding, require care and attention, things that you would not be able to offer. Better to focus on work or on some hobbies, waiting for things to recover and lead you to want to get involved again at 100%

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Aquarius – Yes, but only by accepting the risks
Your need to always have spaces to dedicate to you makes this relationship almost ideal as long as everything happens with someone you trust and who is somehow even outside the sheets. The risk is obviously that of creating a confusing relationship that in the end may not be so different from a love story ending up deluding one of the two. So better think about it and move only if you intend to run the risk of suffering again or for the end of a new unrequited love or for the end of a friendship if the other person falls in love.

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Pisces – Not really
It’s true, the thought sometimes teases you but beyond the image you have made, a bed friend is a person with whom you can share not only the moments between the sheets but also those immediately before and after . Situations that you would end up making very intimate by entering a form of empathy that would end up making you lose the sense of what you are experiencing. The risk of falling in love, then, is really high and with it that of suffering. So yes, maybe on paper you would also be led to a freer relationship but in practice the risks are much higher than the benefits.

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