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3 Zodiacs Already Overwhelmed By Their New Year’s Resolutions On January 2

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While some of us don’t even bother with making New Year’s resolutions, most of us have at least an idea of how we want to make the new year better than the last. It could be a list of concrete, measured goals or just a vague idea of how you want to improve–and anywhere in between. While some are masterful when it comes to achieving their annual goals (I’m looking at you, Virgo and Capricorn) there are a few signs that are struggling just one day into 2024. These three signs are already having a rough start on January 2


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You want so much to change in 2024. While you might not have made a bulleted list of actionable goals, that hasn’t stopped you from daydreaming about the myriad ways that this new year will be better than the last. Now that you’ve hit 2024 however, you’re overwhelmed with how exactly you’re supposed to make any of it happen. The good news is that the year has barely started. It’s only January 2. You have so much time to figure out your top goals for the year and plan out how to achieve them. You can do it, Cancer.


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You keep going back and forth on whether you even want to have New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, so many people never even make it a month before they fail. On the other, couldn’t you be the exception to that rule? So on January 2, you’re still having the debate. One of the key issues that might be holding you back is your hesitance when it comes to change. If you’re not properly motivated, you’d most likely keep things the same. As you look ahead at 2024, look for little changes that you could make that could combine to create a lasting change as you inch closer to 2025.


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When people talk about the kind of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions and fails immediately to achieve a single one of them, they might be talking about you. You mean well. You want to drink less or exercise more or learn how to knit, so you create a whole mood board of the life you envision when you get there. And yet, here you are on January 2, already overwhelmed. It’s time to prove all the naysayers wrong and achieve those goals anyway, even if it seems like too much.

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