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Behavior Of Zodiac Signs Around Their Crush

We want to behave the best possible way around someone who is our crush. Every step that we take, we want to impress them. We get butterflies seeing them and more nervous thinking how to behave. At times we may behave in the weirdest way of being nervous. We may react very differently, we may even forget who we are for a while. Yes, we differ and different personality behaves differently. and our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about our behavior. So let’s find out the behavior of zodiac signs around their crush.



Aries are arrogant, they have anger issue but you won’t see these traits of Aries when around their crush. They are extremely bold and confident when they are around someone whom they love. People get nervous when they have their crush around but it is not the same case with Aries. They are full of confidence and believe in making everything clear instead of just heating around the bush and making fools of themselves. Aries are appealing but their attitude can make their crush uncomfortable at times as not everyone is like an Aries.



We all behave in a more shuttle way to impress our crush. We may hide all the traits that may put us in the bad light. Taurus tries to cover it up as they are likely to talk about food. Taurus is a food lover and they think it can be one of the ways to act cute and impress their crush. But don’t you think that food might seem as Taurus is quite obsessive about the things they love. But this is how Taurus behaves around their crush Make sure that your crush feels the same about their passions and if this is the case, your behavior is on the right track.



Gemini will behave in the sweetest possible way. They are known for their dual personality. They are the kind who may play around when they are around their crush. They may not be honest and straightforward as for them what matters is to impress their crush by any means. They may even confuse their crush by flirting with others, rather than being nervous they will be confident in handling the situation. This is the reaction of Gemini and one has to deal it that way.



Extremely emotional and sensitive Cancer may get very nervous when they are around their crush. When Cancer sees someone they love, they will look like they are lost as they will be intimidated by the aura of their crush. It may take a lot of time for Cancer to open up with their crush and it may even get awkward at times. Awkward, shy, timid is how cancer behaves around someone they love.



Leo is known for its charm. They are going to overwhelm everyone around them by their personality and it can be even their crush. They are attention seeker so it is obvious they will try their best to get the attention of their crush. And it won’t go unnoticed and they will get the desired attention because of their charming nature. Leo may be able to impress their crush by doing every possible gesture be it by dancing with them or playing games. They are always ready for challenges and wish to be in the limelight. Leo will behave the way they usually do.



Virgo head forward in a slow but most effective manner. They are the perfectionist and almost all of their behaviors around their crush will be governed by what they are, it will reflect their perfectionist trait. They will make space and will clean around their crush and will enter their lives slowly. They are going to behave in the most shuttle and clam way, criticism being part of it.



Libra is romantic in nature and once they are in love they give their best. Libra wishes to give their best when in love so there is no maybe an option for them to act and this makes them special. The love reflects in their eyes, in their behavior when around their crush. They forget everything and try to give everything that can make their crush feel special and pampered. All this behavior shows that yes, they are madly in love.



Scorpio are observant folks, they observe everything clearly and then act. They are passionate lover but it is very hard for them to express especially in front of their crush. When they are around someone whom they love, they tend to become a silent observant, they hardly utter something. There may be a lot to express but they may not have the courage to express that out. At times they may gather the courage and try to start the conversation but all they will do is to fumble and will fail to give any hint to their crush. They may behave in a weird manner.



Sagittarius are humourous beings, they are lively and filled with fun and joy. They hardly take something seriously. Even in the matter of love, they hardly get serious. Neither they are nervous in front of their crush nor try to pretend, they behave like they are and in fact, they will end up making fun of their crush. They will make their crush the part of their jokes and humorous nature. This attitude of Sagittarius makes them look cool but it even hurts people around them at times, they forget to draw that thin line. Not only the people around but even their crush and it even deprives them to find their love because it not only confuses the person they love but even makes them feel awkward.



Capricorn believes in patience. They won’t rush to get their crush. They are calm, composed beings and will behave the same way as they act in front of others. They are sensible people and will treat their crush like everyone around them. And the reason behind that is they are heading forward slowly. They believe in the slow process and it can be seen in their behavior.



Aquarius are unpredictable people. It is hard for one to understand them or know what they actually want. They make behave awkwardly when around their crush and the reason may be their fixed attitude. They may hardly adapt to the situation. They are more comfortable being alone and love to live an isolated life, so it may act as a challenge for them to behave differently in front of their crush.



Patient Pisces, known for its sensitive nature. They are all about giving and nurturing. They are selfless being and due to this, they are likely to follow their crush all the time, caring about them. They will be so busy taking care of their crush that they may hardly live for themselves. They find it very difficult to take the first step or approach for a love affair. Though they love selflessly, they are always confused about their feelings.

This is how zodiac signs behave around their crush. The behavior of each zodiac sign around their crush depends on the traits they possess and the personality they carry. Like the difference in elements and the types of signs they are. All of these influence a lot in their behavior.

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