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4 Zodiacs Who Are About To Find Inner Peace On February 24

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You’re about to find your zen in a manual activity. Something that allows your brain to quiet itself as you unplug your neurons from the onslaught of digital stimuli you process on a daily basis. Whether it’s rowing, chopping vegetables for a homemade meal, or pottery, you reconnect with a part of yourself that you’ve lost touch with since you became glued to your cell phone, laptop, and streaming platforms. Incorporating this activity into your daily routine allows you that much needed time to unwind and destress. Even though you may not be able to live a life completely off the grid, even if that’s what you secretly desire, you can carve that personal time out for yourself on a regular basis. Knowing you’ve already accounted for your own needs will allow you to tackle the day’s task with a less anxious mindset.

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You find inner peace when you finally acknowledge the parts of your life that are in your own control, Aquarius. For far too long, you’ve aspired to pull strings that you’ve never had a hold on. Everyone gets to make their own decisions, and no matter how charming, convincing, or persistent you are, there’s no foolproof way to ensure that things will go your way. We can only put the best versions of ourselves out into the world and meet people where they’re willing to meet us. It’s not always going to be halfway. Some people will always be over the top, while others never pass the bar. Making peace with the reality of other people’s choices will allow you to take fuller control of your own choices, and what behavior you decide to tolerate or accept. It’s okay to be disappointed in the process. It may be a necessary part of moving on.

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Inner peace for you is surrounding yourself with the people who matter most. Movie night on the couch. Family dinners around the same table. Sipping wine with your closest friends. Inner peace doesn’t mean a vow of silence and endless yoga and doing everything and anything alone all of the time. It can mean holding hands or laughing so hard you cry at someone else’s joke. It’s reminding yourself that you are okay and taken care of. It’s letting that support system catch you from time to time like a trampoline that bounces you right back on your feet. It can be lighthearted and care free, and doesn’t have to be tied to any hard times or low points at all. It can be something you’ve had all along and finally call by a new and cherished name.

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It’s the little things for you, Sagittarius, even if they come in elaborate or grand packages. You may feel like you need to jet off across the world in order to leave your troubles behind, but when you get there, it might just be a cold beer in a pub with a friendly bartender that actually allows you to unwind.

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It’s not the castles down the road, or the luxurious hotel bed waiting for you, it’s your own ability to live in and enjoy the moment that brings you true peace and happiness. Yes, there are a plethora of never-ending problems facing the world every day. A million unanswered questions about why we’re on this planet anyway. But in spite of it all, you find a reason to smile no matter where you go. And today you realize that’s more than enough to hang your hat on.

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