Zodiac Signs


Each zodiac sign has particular characteristics that make it different from all the others. Sometimes it can be a simple way of being or externalizing things, others a propensity towards a particular type of dessert, and still others it can be something deeper like fear of something. In fact, the life of each of us is characterized every day by various aspects that put us in relation with emotions and desires making us express each in our own individual, thus giving us the opportunity to show the world and ourselves what distinguishes us, making us unique in our own way.

Other aspects that should not be underestimated are the passions that overwhelm us making us feel alive and motivated and the obsessions that, in a more exasperated and intrusive form, risk-taking over and even control us. Today, we will try to find out what haunts each of us based on the horoscope.

Let’s discover the obsessions of each zodiac sign

Aries – Stand Out
For those born under the sign of Aries, getting noticed is practically an obsession for which they are willing to play everything, even at the cost of putting friendships or important relationships at risk. Their problem is that everything always starts very softly only to intensify until they lose control. At that moment the only thing that matters to them is knowing that they have been noticed and to stay at the center of attention for as long as possible and all without ever having to share the scene with others.

Taurus – Staying Safe
Whether it’s in a relationship or a business-like venture, Taurus will always try to stay within its comfort zone. For them, in fact, safety always comes at the first post, and to maintain it they are also willing to risk living a flatter life than they would have hoped for. This attitude risks making him miss some important opportunities that may not reappear a second time.

Gemini – Always having something to do
For those born under this sign, staying on the move is a real obsession. Terrified at the very thought of experiencing a moment of boredom, they usually create a thousand diversions in order to be sure not to take risks and to always have a plan b to resort to in case the dreaded boredom arises. This, however, often leads them to do so many things together that they cannot enjoy even one of them, resulting in distraction to the point of risking forgetting what they have just done.

Cancer – Love
For those born under this sign, feeling loved is the most important thing of all. It could therefore be said that Cancers are obsessed with love itself, in all its forms. Not only do they always hope for romantic love like those you read in novels, but they live with the constant fear of being loved little and ending up being pushed aside. This risks making them appear aggressive because when they feel threatened they end up attacking to defend themselves. An unconscious mechanism that causes them particular suffering but from which they just can’t get out.

Leo – The Command
Having control over everything and being able to command is the greatest obsession of those born under the sign of Leo. Natural leaders, outside this dimension, find themselves so bad that they cannot live their lives to the full. For this reason, in order to take the lead, they are willing to do anything, even fight. A war that, in whatever field it takes place, will not end until they get what they want.

Virgo – Order
Ordered and precise as never before, those born under this sign are practically obsessed with order. Everything for them must have a specific place that must never be changed. If this happens, in fact, their anger would be boundless and uncontrolled. For this same reason, the environment in which they live, as well as that of work and even their car, must always appear impeccable and exactly as they were left. In fact, every slightest variation of the seat will be immediately noticed.

Libra – Beauty
What makes them happy most is also a form of obsession. For those born under this sign, in fact, beauty is what matters most. Whether it’s your personal one, the place where you live or an object to buy, beauty will always be the first thing they will notice and what they will deal with endlessly. This aspect makes them particularly rigid with themselves, preventing them from letting go or fully enjoying something.

Scorpio – The love of danger
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are particularly fascinated by everything mysterious and dangerous. Lovers of strong emotions will always try to experience extreme situations and be able to make them feel alive. For this reason, they love everything that hides a danger or that shows itself as mysterious and to be explored. A way of doing that can clearly represent a risk to their safety and that they will have to learn to dose in order to never go too far.

Sagittarius – Relationships
Sagittarians love to be around people, traveling from place to place in order to explore new places and get to know different people. Their greatest fear is therefore that of feeling isolated, which contrasts a lot with their need for freedom. Their life will therefore be a continuous alternation between ways of being in order to find the right balance, the one able to make them happy.

Capricorn – Peace of mind
Those born under this sign, despite often having a hectic and busy life, desperately yearn for social and economic tranquility. To get them, however, they always end up doing so many things that they never experience a single moment of relaxation. An attitude that only a healthy awareness can change, finally leading them to dose the commitments in the right way to moments of rest.

Aquarius – Independence
Aquarians, do not like to feel connected either to places or to people. For them, knowing that they are free is what matters most and, so that this feeling does not change, they are also willing to cut lasting friendships that they care about. A situation that can sometimes cause them no little suffering but which is always better than what they would feel feeling trapped.

Pisces – Melancholy
Those born under this sign are particularly empathetic and sentimental. For them, every single thing has an important meaning and is linked to a particular memory. For this reason, in addition to running the risk of accumulating more and more stuff, they often end up letting themselves go to the world of memories, rediscovering themselves nostalgic for what is no longer there. A way of being that at times risks making them lose the vision of the present and of what, instead, they could enjoy in the moment they are experiencing.

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