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5 Zodiac Signs That Struggle With Emotional Intimacy (And How To Fix It)

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Let’s face it — emotional intimacy can be terrifying. While there are many types of intimacy in relationships, emotional vulnerability is defined as sharing your hopes, fears, and dreams for the future with a partner. While some signs (like Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces, to name a few) excel at opening up to their partners, others balk at the concept.

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Here are five zodiac signs that struggle with emotional intimacy and how to overcome it:


Aquariuses are known for their distant nature. They tend to put up walls – which can be challenging for friends and partners alike. To reach the emotionally distant Aquarius takes both time and effort – but underneath all their bluster lies a loyal and dedicated companion.

An Aquarius who struggles with emotional intimacy should prioritize time with their partner. Planning a regular date night (the more adventurous, the better!) will help you enjoy new experiences while connecting with your partner.

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Geminis are gifted communicators. Naturally charismatic, these air signs use jokes and sarcasm to mask their fear of rejection. These outgoing, energetic signs loathe routine – which makes it difficult to connect with partners who crave stability. In relationships, many Geminis find it difficult to be vulnerable, which may cause problems down the line.

Geminis that struggle with emotional intimacy should practice focused, uninterrupted talking and listening. In this exercise, each partner takes 15-30 minutes to share what’s on their mind – like their workday,  their career aspirations, etc. The goal of this exercise is to make sure that each partner feels heard and understood.

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Stubborn and cautious, Capricorns use work to avoid building connections. Perfectionists at heart, Capricorns have extremely high standards in relationships. When Capricorns feel that a relationship is lacking, they’ll throw themselves into work to achieve their goals. This creates distance between partners and makes it harder to communicate in the future.

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So, how can Capricorns overcome these problems? These earth signs need to address their self-criticism and fear of mistakes. One way to do this is by practicing mindfulness, which helps you observe thoughts through an objective lens. Another technique is to confide in your partner, which boosts intimacy and transparency between two people.


These enigmatic signs seek deep, meaningful connections. However, many Libras feel shallow or inadequate; they worry that they’re too impressed by physical beauty. Additionally, many Libras strive for perfection in their relationships, ignoring arguments and other red flags.

Libras that struggle with emotional intimacy should focus on themselves. It might sound a bit counterintuitive, but people who spend time on themselves make happier, more attentive partners.

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Aries love new relationships but become bored easily. This boredom comes from impatience; they’d rather do than sit and plan. Aries are happiest with spontaneous partners, ones who love adventure and easily launch themselves to the next career goal.

For Aries, forming an intimate, emotional connection is key. For Aries, this means taking your partner for an adventure. Whether that’s exploring a new country, taking a trapeze class, or trying a new sport, an adventurous date night will spice up your routine and promote intimacy.

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