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These 3 Male Zodiac Signs Will Never Propose To You

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Either they’re afraid to settle down at their house, too proud to pop the big question, or they’re just not a fan of the concept, these men will never propose!

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Men of this sign prefer to be proposed to

Although it’s not typical, men of this zodiac sign have always prepared to be proposed to, but never thought they’d be the ones to do it.

Libra is definitely one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.

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But even so, the sign of harmony and balance isn’t known for its talent when it comes to decision-making or risk-taking.

More receptive than anyone, we could criticize them for being passive, but they will say they are waiting for people to come to them.

Men of this sign fear commitment

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Sagittarius has a bit of a clumsy side when it comes to love and relationships. He is definitely not part of the anonymous romantics club of the zodiac.

A sign of adventure and exploration, Sagittarius doesn’t see love as a long, calm river, but rather as a series of adventurous rafting trips.

He has a streak of conquests, is never available, and rarely stays in the same country for more than a month.

If he sees that the relationship he is involved in is starting to get serious, he runs away.

Men of this sign prefer concubinage

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Social conventions and Aquarius are incompatible. Aquarius is rebellious and can’t stand being like everyone else.

Even if he wants to be with you for life, don’t expect him to come with the ring and propose.

He believes that the institution of marriage is one plagued by misogyny and a lucrative industry that only benefits capitalism.

If you didn’t know that, he’ll be happy to explain it all to you during a moonlight stroll.

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