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9 Signals That He Want To Be Your Boyfriend

Probably the hardest part of a date is figuring out if someone even wants to enter into a relationship with us and has serious intentions.

It doesn’t matter whether someone has expressed a wish to see us, that doesn’t mean they want to be our friend.

When we date someone, we get to know them better, and we also have the opportunity to see if the chemistry is right between us.

While a person’s appearance is the first thing we notice about a person, chemistry and shared values ​​are still the main factors that make people a good fit.

A man who cares about you will go out of his way to convince you and he will make it clear that he likes you.

On the other hand, if a man isn’t interested, you may already know but are confused about his contrary behavior.

If a man really likes a woman, he will never do anything that could ruin his chances of being with her, or if he has already done so, he will do everything possible to correct his mistake.

It takes a lot of effort and trust to be in a relationship and if a man just doesn’t try hard enough he will never be a good partner and the relationship will suffer.

A man needs to show his partner love, support her and believe in her dreams because in the end, this should be the person he will spend the rest of his life with.

Also, if she takes good care of how he makes her feel, one can know if she is dealing with a good man who has righteous intentions.

You can see clearly when someone values ​​you and vice versa when you are honest with yourself.

Delusions never pay off, and only when you accept the sincere love someone gives you will you be able to build meaningful relationships.

9 Promising Signs That He Want To Be Your Boyfriend

1. He plans fun activities with you, invites you to dinner, and pays you

A man who really wants to be your friend will take you to fun activities and enjoy the time spent with you.

He will do this to get to know you better, but also because he really enjoys spending time with you.

Plus, he will also take you to the places you want to go and be very generous when it comes to paying for a dinner or a snack.

A man who is interested will be happy to see you happy, and the time spent together will also be something he looks forward to every time you meet again.

On the other hand, if a man never has a desire to meet you in person and does not plan anything with you, then he is not the one to use your nerves on.

2. He’s your friend on social media

Being friends on social media is a good sign that a man is interested.

Thanks to modern means of communication, this is also a good opportunity for the man we want to get in touch with.

If he’s our friend on social media, he can keep track of our activities, posts, and learn more about us.

He can also show his interest by responding to our content.

If a man does not post you on social media or avoids doing so, then something is suspicious and this man should not be trusted.

3. You can talk to him about anything

A man who is obviously interested in you will be super friendly and approachable.

He’ll be happy to hear about your day and message you as soon as he thinks of you.

Any topic will be of interest to him and he will never turn down a good conversation with you.

He will be a person with whom you can talk about anything and who is always open to new things.

If a man doesn’t like talking to you, or just talking about topics that interest him, then that is a good sign that he is not interested because an interested man will want to hear everything you have to say.

4. He doesn’t meet with anyone else

If a man wants to be your boyfriend, he will give up the idea of ​​dating other women.

There will always be better women, but if someone really likes us for our own unique selves, then they are not going to look for anything better.

If a man cares about you and shows interest, and is also not keen on the idea of ​​getting to know someone else, then he definitely wants to be your friend.

Meeting other women will be something he can do, but he’ll still choose to because he likes you.

a man who has no intention of being your boyfriend is not going to stop meeting and dating new women either, you will only be an option or not even that so you should be careful.

5. He talks about you to his parents and friends

A man who is interested in you and considers you his potential girlfriend will talk about you with his parents and friends.

This is an extremely good sign because by doing this he wants to include you in his life.

His family and friends are of great value to him, and when he mentions you to them, he is thrilled with the idea that you could be his girlfriend.

This also means that he wants to be very open with you and that he doesn’t want to hide you from his close circle.

A man who keeps you in secret, on the other hand, never has good intentions and so you should leave him because a relationship is not meant to be undercover.

6. He texts you regularly

An interested man will message you every time he thinks of you, and if he has a desire to be your friend, it will do so even more regularly.

By contacting you, he would like to build a possible relationship with you.

Sending messages also simply means that he likes to talk to you and that you are a special person in his life.

A man who wants to be your friend needs to text you a message regularly and reply as soon as he sees it.

If a man is not interested, he will never send you messages or only from time to time while it takes forever to answer them.

7. He pays attention to what he says to you and how he treats you

A man who has an interest in being your partner will treat you with respect so that you will always have a high opinion of him.

Men often have a tendency to be disrespectful to women they don’t care about, and that says a lot about them.

If a man is a kind, true gentleman, he will treat any woman with respect, but especially his potential girlfriend.

A man who is genuinely interested in you will be very careful about how he treats you and what he tells you.

You should feel safe and loved around him, and that is a good sign that he values ​​you as an individual.

8. You can feel that he really likes you

If you are trying to find out if a man wants to be your friend then one thing is for sure, he can do all of the above or just some of them, but if you feel like he wants to be with you then this is the feeling probably right.

You can clearly feel when someone has feelings for you, and emotions are something that is difficult to hide.

No matter how reticent someone is, their emotions will still surface at some point.

If someone wants to be with us, we will have no doubt or question their interest.

Those who want to be part of our lives will do anything to stay, and those who want to leave, even if it is difficult at times, should just be let go.

9. He doesn’t give up on you

If a man really wants to be in a relationship with you, he will never give up on you and he will also come back after a fight or when faced with certain problems.

People who fight for us and a common future with us really have a desire to be part of our lives and that is felt without a doubt.

Women are impulsive and mostly the ones who hint at a breakup in arguments.

If your boyfriend patiently chases after you every time you break up with him, it means he doesn’t want to lose you.

If he wasn’t serious, he could walk away from you immediately without looking back.

9 Signals That He Want To Be Your Boyfriend
9 Signals That He Want To Be Your Boyfriend

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