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8 Signs Of An Insecure Boyfriend

It is fine to be protective in a relationship, fine to be concerned at times when you love that person too deeply and is scared to lose them but what happens when this protective nature and concern turns into insecurity, when it captures you in their nature of insecurity, when your boyfriend is too insecure about you. You feel suffocated, you feel imprisoned in a relationship. It does happen when someone tries to get on your nerve and start disturbing you mentally, and emotionally. Here are 8 signs of an insecure boyfriend.

1. He tries to gain your sympathy:

He will try to gain sympathy from all corners, be it if he has to blame his ex and how she treated him or if he has to talk about his friends. Each word of his will asks for sympathy for him. He will try his best to gain sympathy from you and when he does that this is a sign of an insecure boyfriend.

2. He is jealous and uncomfortable with your friends:

Some insecure boyfriend doesn’t want you to hang out with anyone, all they want you to do is to be with them all the time. He feels jealous whenever you are with his friends, especially male friends. He feels very uncomfortable when he sees you hanging out with your friends and when it happens it is a sign of having an insecure boyfriend.

3. He keeps checking your phone, and he stalks your social platform:

As soon as you meet, the first thing he does is goes through your phone, go through your call history, inbox, messenger, WhatsApp, and all the social media platforms. He makes sure that he is on the top list of your chat list. He stalks you on all your social media and what actions you are performing out there. And trust me if this is happening to an extent you should get rid of this spy.

4. He doesn’t give you space, he tries to consume it all:

He will make sure that you give him all your time and you don’t get time for yourself. He won’t give you space, he won’t give you time for yourself. You will feel that he is ruling all your personal space. You will feel like you don’t have privacy, you don’t have your own life you are living for him and only him. If this happens it is one of the signs of an insecure boyfriend.

5. He argues over small things:

Arguments between you both start over small things. He keeps arguing with you all the time no matter whether the issue is too small or doesn’t even need discussion but he starts an argument over it. If he does it all the time, it is one of the signs of an insecure boyfriend.

6. He doubts you all the time for no reasons:

Does he keep checking your gallery, asking lots of questions to you about your friends, about with whom you are with? When he does this and starts doubting you all the time it is automatically stated that he is insecure. And when there is no trust in a relationship it is hard to handle it.

7. He gets too aggressive in a conversation:

Does his mood swing at a faster rate? If he gets too aggressive over little things it is one of the signs of an insecure boyfriend. When he gets aggressive over small issues and tries dominating you all the time. It shows how insecure he is.

8. He stops you from doing many things:

Don’t wear this, don’t go here, don’t hang out with them, don’t post this. When there comes to do’s and don’ts, there automatically shows that insecurity in a person. He cannot stop you from living your life the way you wanted. But if he does, you should take a step back from such a relationship. It may make you empty from within.

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