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6 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Marry The Right Person

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Capricorns take commitment seriously. That’s why they don’t like to rush things. They understand it’s a slow process to a happy and healthy relationship — let alone a marriage. They enjoy a slow-burn kind of love. They see it as the best way to avoid a whirlwind romance that’s not built to last.

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Taurus is a determined person from the get-go. They crave stability in everything they do, including finding someone to love. Marriage is one of many goals for a Taurus. They date to marry. They are romantics at heart and love having someone constantly in their corner.

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Though prone to fantasy, Pisces can be as practical as their water and earth counterparts. They adore a slow kind of love. They understand a solid emotional connection doesn’t happen overnight. Thus, they prefer to be with someone who likes to take it slow.


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Virgos want to build a life with their forever person. They’re highly selective because they know their worth. They understand that choosing a life partner isn’t an easy process. They’re never in a rush, nor do they sell themselves short when looking for love.


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Scorpios want to be with someone they can trust. They’re hypervigilant to deception, so they’re not the type to fall in love quickly. They know there’s no relationship without trust, let alone a marriage.


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Cancers instinctively know when someone is the right one for them. They are intuitive in relationships and usually have a lot of luck in this department. They’re patient, emotionally open, and understand true love. They know the work it takes to build a loving relationship and possess the vulnerability needed to maintain it.

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