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These Are The 6 Zodiac Signs With The Worst Tempers

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You are a person of action, and you have a hard time reigning in your emotions. On your best days, your enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, but if something causes you to become angry, then everyone better take cover. You will say the first things that pop into your mind regardless of how hurtful they are. You may even feel the need to take action somehow to get it out of your system- whether that looks like hitting a wall or dramatically waving your hands around while you’re yelling. Your anger may not last long, but the short bursts can be devastating and even a little frightening, especially towards the subject of your aggression.

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A Scorpio’s wrath is well-known for a reason. You are a passionate, dedicated, mysterious person by nature, and while those qualities apply to your positive emotions, they play as big a part in your temper. You are skilled in hiding your anger, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash it. You can be calculative in what you say, but you make sure it stings. You don’t immediately react when someone hurts you, because you want to take the time to make them wonder when you will respond. Once you choose to, there isn’t anything you won’t say or do to balance the scales and make them as hurt or angry as they made you.

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People might be surprised that you have such a nasty temper but make no mistake- it’s there. You often have a relaxed and personable demeanor, but when someone starts testing your patience or pushing your buttons, then they’ll see a side of you they aren’t used to. You are a patient person, but you have a limit, and when it’s reached, then you aren’t afraid to dig your heels in and let the other person have it. Given that they don’t expect this kind of reaction from you, it can catch them off guard and unsure of how to handle the situation. You, on the other hand, have been mulling over what you would say to them for days, weeks, or even months now. You don’t care if you’re right or wrong- no one is going to boss you around or make you feel inadequate.

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You’re the lion for a reason- and that comes with some positive and negative attributes. You’re very demonstrative and aren’t afraid of causing a scene, which is pretty bad news when it comes to your anger. You are a confident person, but you can get defensive very quickly if someone is challenging you or trying to undermine you. You aren’t threatened by many, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t tick you off when someone tries to shade you or if someone is dishonest with you. And given that you live for the drama, you won’t hold back when it comes to telling someone exactly how you feel about a situation.

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You may be a reserved type by nature, but make no mistake- your temper is not something to be underestimated. You approach most of your life methodically and with great intention, and your expectations are often high for yourself and others. It doesn’t take too much to make you angry, but you don’t unleash your rage unless someone is honestly coming for your neck. You have patience, but it can only last for so long. You pay attention to details and when the time comes, you know how to absolutely devastate someone without batting an eye. You can just as easily cut someone out of your life, too- you don’t have to create a scene, but anyone who crosses you will regret making you upset.

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Cancers may be one of the most soft-hearted signs, but that doesn’t mean your temper is calm or peaceful.

By nature, you’re extremely sensitive and emotional, so when you feel any particular feeling, you feel it in a big way. Anger isn’t excluded from this, and honestly is often the one that you’re the most intense about. You’re most likely to use this when someone is going after someone you love- you would die for your loved ones, and anyone who dares to mess with them is going to mess with you.

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On the flip side, if someone you love does hurt you, the pain is unbearable and you will certainly let them know it. You are determined to make them feel as bad as they made you feel. You won’t let them become angry with you, though- you know how to manipulate emotions where you are the victim, and they have no right to be upset (regardless of whether or not that is the case).

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