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4 Zodiacs Who Will Never Admit When They’re Wrong

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I think we can all admit when we’ve been wrong before, that is unless you’re one of these four signs:


The Head Boss In Charge could simply never be wrong…right? Well, Capricorns would like to think so. They’re known as the straight-laced, hard working sign of the zodiac therefore how could they get anything wrong when they’re the only ones *actually* paying attention and following the rules. To a Capricorn, they’re not wrong, you’re just a dumb ass. They’re going to find any excuse in their books to pin any wrongdoings on someone else’s lack of comprehension. Don’t do anything stupid around these guys.

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The first of the zodiac, they believe they’re #1 in everything, simply the best of the best in any competition and fierce leaders. A leader doesn’t make mistakes or wrongdoings in an Aries world. In fact, the word “wrong” simply does not exist in their vocabulary. They have a God complex that enforces their worldview that everyone else is beneath them and that the world would be a better place if everyone would act more like them. Aka nobody would ever do anything wrong because they’re not capable of anything but perfection.

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As stubborn as a bull, or shall we say, a Taurus. They would rather admit themselves into a hospital before admitting they’re wrong. Not only do they physically not like to budge when pushed by others, they emotionally will not either. What a Taurus says is final, and they’ll charge anyone with their horns who dare challenge them. If you try to get them to see they’re wrong in a situation they will just grow resentful, good luck to those who dare.

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A Scorpio sees themselves as the sort of all seeing eye of the zodiac. They feel like they are the victim to bad things happening to them and could never be the perpetrator. They spend so much time observing others in secret that they believe they are too calculated and careful to do anything wrong. You will never hear a Scorpio openly discuss any wrongdoings—they are going to take that shit to the grave.

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