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6 Types Of Relationships That Will Drain You

1. One-sided relationships. You shouldn’t be the only one putting effort into the relationship. Everyone is busy. Everyone has other responsibilities. But that’s not a good enough excuse to neglect you. Someone shouldn’t be in a relationship with you if they aren’t able to give you enough attention. They should be dedicating just as much time to you as you have been giving to them. If you’re the only one putting in the work, then they’re the only one getting the rewards — and that’s not fair to you.

2. Almost relationships. If someone refuses to put a label on your relationship, there must be a reason they are hesitating. You’re eager to take the next step with them, so why wouldn’t they have that same level of excitement for you? You should hold out for someone who is honored to tell the world about you, not someone who hides you away and procrastinates when it comes to committing to you. You deserve better than someone who can’t even call you their person.

3. Toxic relationships. You can never win when you’re dealing with someone toxic. They will find a way to turn every argument around on you. They will make you feel guilty when you didn’t even do anything wrong. Even though they are the problem in the relationship, they will make you feel like shit every chance they get. They will never admit to their own shortcomings because they will be too busy focusing on yours.

4. Long-distance relationships. Although long-term relationships aren’t destined to end in disaster, they are still draining. They’re hard on your heart. Instead of seeing your partner in person and spending quality time together, there is always a screen in the way. You’re never as close as you wish you were. You’re always counting down to a future where you’re together instead of enjoying the moment. There are plenty of couples who can make this arrangement work, but even the happiest of them can become drained.

5. On-and-off relationships. Breaking up with someone is usually a sign you’re incompatible. It’s a sign you should move on. But when you keep getting back together with someone you thought was out of your life, it’s hard to decide what’s best for your heart. When you’re together, there are a lot of issues you need to work through. And when you break up again, it’s hard to move on because you’re convinced you’re going to end up together again soon.

6. Untrustworthy relationships. Once you lose trust in someone, it’s hard to be in a happy relationship with them. You’re always going to worry about them betraying you again. You’re always going to wonder whether staying with them was a mistake. You’re always going to have a hard time believing the words coming out of their mouth because you know they’ve lied to you in the past. You know they’re capable of putting you through hell. You know they don’t actually mean it when they say they would never hurt you because they already have.

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