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5 Zodiacs You Should Take On Escape Room Dates

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Escape rooms are a great way to bound with your partner and test out how well you work as a team. Whether you’re in a new relationship and are trying to figure out how well you fit together, or you’ve been dating for forever and are looking for a fun new activity to try, this is a great way to spend your weekend. Here are some zodiacs you should take on escape room dates because they’re going to love it:

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Capricorns are searching for a partner who matches them on an intellectual and emotional level, not only a physical one. Which is why bringing them to an escape room is a great way to spend quality time together. You’ll be able to show off how smart you are and see how the other person handles stress when they’re in a high-pressure situation. Plus, it’s just plain fun. It gives you the chance to goof off together and learn together at the same time — which is why it’s the perfect date for a Capricorn.

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Aries love a good challenge. They never turn down the opportunity to win or show off their talents. Although they love activities like bowling and mini golf, they force you to compete against each other, which could cause some tension. But when you’re completing an escape room, you’ll be working as a team. You’ll have to work together to figure out the solutions to puzzles. It’s a great way to see how well you communicate with each other.

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Aquarius are always thinking outside of the box, which is why escape rooms are extra fun for them. They get to use their creativity to solve puzzles and impress their partner. Although this sign can feel self-conscious at times, an environment like this will give them confidence because they’ll be able to show off their skills. And there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is smart and capable.

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Taurus can come across as super serious when you first meet them, but they are playful and fun once you get to know them. They have a silly side that they love to bring out once they start feeling comfortable, which is why they’ll love visiting an escape room. Especially when that room has a fun theme. Whether you take them on a one-on-one date here or bring them out on a double (or triple) date, they are going to make amazing memories with you. It’s a date they’ll never forget.

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Sagittarius usually want more than dinner and a movie. They want to go on a date that will help them get to know you in a deeper way. And although escape rooms seem like fun and games, they can tell you a lot about how the other person thinks and communicates. This is the perfect date for a Sagittarius because it allows them to let loose and have fun while still using their brain. And when you’re all done and hang out afterward, you’ll have plenty to discuss about what you’ve just conquered together.

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