Zodiac Signs

No One Truly Understands These 4 Zodiac Signs


Aquarians are usually considered the most misunderstood zodiac sign, and for good reason—other people can find their thoughts hard to follow and their intentions murky. They often come off as aloof, contrarian, or even quirky, but the truth is just that they truly are as unique as they seem—and it can be hard for them to open up to people because they know that not everyone will understand them (or even try). Because of this, they might even just stop trying to be relatable to other people, not because they don’t want the connection but because they just aren’t sure it’s worth it. But when people actually give an Aquarius a chance and listen to them without judgment, they’ll learn they’re often some of the friendliest, most interesting people there are—and they’ll make you see the world differently.


Scorpios have a hard time putting themselves out there. They don’t like wearing their hearts on their sleeves and have a tendency to hold their cards close because they don’t trust people to understand them—or to have the tenderness to treat their thoughts and emotions kindly. Because of this, Scorpios often come off as mysterious or even inaccessible to others, and because of that people may draw conclusions about them that simply aren’t true. It’s not until a Scorpio is willing to let you into the shadows of their soul that you’ll completely understand them—but only a few special people will ever truly experience that.


People tend to believe that what you see is what you get with a Capricorn, which isn’t necessarily true—even though that’s what they many times want you to think. The truth is, Capricorns often have many hidden depths, though they can sometimes feel ashamed or self-conscious of that fact. They would rather outsiders believe that the facade is all there is, because they don’t really feel comfortable with just anyone getting too close. The problem with that, of course, is that this often leads them to feeling misunderstood, as if no one really sees them completely. It isn’t until you put in the work to earn a Capricorn’s trust—and respect—that they’ll allow you to peel back the layers and finally see them for whole of who they really are.


Pisces can be hard for people to understand, especially those who are the more practical types. The fact of the matter is this: half of a Pisces’ reality exists purely in their own head. Because of this, they tend to see the world differently and may approach a conflict or situation in a way that confuses those around them. They also deeply trust their own intuition and can’t fully explain why they know something, they just do. That being said, sometimes people will mistakenly believe they know a Pisces well because a Pisces happens to know them well, as these fish of the zodiac tend to be able to understand people’s emotions and thought processes better than most, thanks to their extraordinary ability to empathize with just about anyone.

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