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5 Zodiacs Who Will Only Date You If You Have A Good Sense Of Humor

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Aries love to laugh and would love it if they were with someone who could tell a joke or two. Humor is essential to their lives, and they will immediately want to get to know you if you can make them laugh. Whether you can tell a standard knock-knock joke or if you’re simply a sarcastic person, this fire sign won’t hesitate to ask you out in a heartbeat.

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Jovial and vibrant, Leos don’t know what they’d do without a bit of humor in their lives. That’s why meeting someone with a great sense of it is always a plus to them. They want to be with someone they can let loose with and not take life too seriously. They want someone with whom they can be their complete selves.

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A jokester, Sagittarius loves making others smile and wouldn’t mind being with someone who could do the same. Humor is a big part of their optimism in life; they know their outlook wouldn’t be the same without it. They want someone who can still find joy in their everyday routine, whether on a fun grocery run or exchanging never-ending memes throughout the day.

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Quirky and fun, Geminis love to be in the company of other like-minded people—especially a potential love interest. A master wordsmith, you’d pique the air sign’s interest if you could match their charismatic efforts in charming a crowd. To them, humor is a sign of intellect. And once you can make them laugh, you’ll instantly be on their radar.

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Virgos are the most sarcastic people in the zodiac. And with that, they’d pair up nicely with someone who could keep up with their humor. They want someone who can laugh at themselves every once in a while. It shows them that you can find the calm in moments of pressure, even better if you’re comfortable with a bit of dark humor.

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