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3 Zodiac Signs That Need To Do “Damp January”

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The winter holidays are a peak time for alcohol consumption. According to the National Library of Medicine, people consume 70% more booze during the last two weeks of December than they do at any other time of the year, and New Year’s Day is the deadliest day of the year for drunk driving.

Excessive drinking can cause a host of problems—it’s bad for your liver, can bring out unpleasant emotions that sobriety holds in check, and according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it leads to 140,000 deaths yearly. Drunk driving accounts for a full third of all automotive fatalities yearly, which includes completely sober victims whose bad luck put them in the way of drunk drivers.

In 2008, a New York man named Frank Posillico coined the term “Dry January” after he vowed to abstain from alcohol for the entire month that year. The idea gained steam as others who’d overindulged during the holiday season tried to get a handle on their drinking. Dry January also spawned the awkward term “Drynuary” as well as similar campaigns such as “Dry July” (drinking is also high during the summer months) and “Sober October” (AKA “Ocsober”).

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Taking a month off from drinking was seen as a way to get a handle on one’s alcohol consumption without completely swearing off the sauce. But some people felt that taking off an entire month might be difficult, which led to the concept of “Damp January,” which is where people swear to cut down their alcohol consumption during the post-Christmas season.

Due to the unique alignment of the sun, moon, stars, and planets as we enter 2024, here are three zodiac signs who definitely need to cut down on their drinking this January.


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If you’re an Aquarius who knows you overdid it with the yuletide ales and the tequila-infused egg nogs, you need to realize that “sober” has more than one meaning—according to Merriam-Webster, not only does it imply “not intoxicated” and “abstaining from drinking alcohol,” it also means “marked by sedate or gravely or earnestly thoughtful character or demeanor.” So while you’re going a little bit easier on the hooch, spend some time pondering the negative effects it’s not only had on you, but on those around you. Have you gotten into arguments with loved ones as a result of your drinking? Have you lost friends? Have you run into a scuffle or two with the law? Maybe take some time to think that while overindulging in alcohol may temporarily numb your emotional pain, it only makes things worse in the long run.


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The next time you feel tempted to raise a glass or bottle to your lips, stop for a moment and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Are you really “partying”? If your answer is “yes,” what’s the specific thing you’re celebrating? If you can’t name anything specific, then ask yourself whether you’re escaping rather than partying. Alcohol has been used in almost every culture around the world throughout world history because it makes you feel better—that is, until you wake up with a headache, your wallet missing, a dent in your front fender, and angry messages from your best friend. Sure, the winter months can be cold, dark, and lonely, but they’re only going to get lonelier if you keep alienating everyone who cares about you because you’re using booze to run away from your failures. If you really want to drink this January, wait until you have a triumph to celebrate.


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Hopefully the fog of New Year’s Eve has lifted enough that you’re able to read this without seeing double. Since your sign is symbolized by the Scales, you should know that a happy life requires balance. Whenever you’re tempted to overindulge this month, do something positive instead. Reconnect with a long-lost friend. Buy two sandwiches at the deli for lunch and give one to a homeless person who’s shivering out in the cold. Instead of buying a six-pack this Friday night, do so many sit-ups that you can start to see your six-pack abs peeking through again. If you get thirsty, have a glass of water on the rocks—straight, with no chaser.

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