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5 Zodiacs Who Will Love You The Hardest

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Scorpios take all of their relationships seriously. Whether you’re a friend, relative, or partner, the water sign most likely loves you with all their heart. They feel deeply and are naturally intuitive. If you know one well enough, you know how emotionally attentive they can be. Taking care of their loved ones is second nature, and they will often drop whatever they do to help.


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A Cancer’s love isn’t to be taken for granted, as they are the most nurturing sign in the zodiac and will do whatever it takes to ensure you are well cared for. From their group of friends to their family, they’re often the ones you can talk to about anything. When they love you, they create the safest space for vulnerability. They’ll hear you and support you whenever you need them.


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When Leo loves you, they become their most selfless. Not only will they smother you with constant love and affection, but they’ll also be their most generous. You’ll feel their warmth and sincerity in everything they do. From offering you rides to gifting you lavishly, there’s nothing these fire signs wouldn’t do for the ones they love most.


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When Aries loves you, they see the very best in you. Whether you’re a friend or a partner, you’ll be sure to feel how much the fire sign loves you. They love intensely and often do whatever it takes to make their friends and family happy. From showing their constant support to never forgetting a birthday, the fire sign will be there for all of it.


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When a Pisces loves you, you mean everything to them. Whether you’re family or a friend, you are part of the water sign’s most coveted nest of love. They are their most spiritual and emotional around their loved ones. So, don’t be surprised if your life is suddenly full of heartfelt notes and deep conversations.

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