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6 Zodiac Signs That Struggle With Saying “I Love You”

“I love you.” Three little words, one big feeling.

While pronouncing “I love you” is the easiest thing for some of the zodiac signs, others struggle with saying it.

Keep on reading to see why that is so.


If they don’t love another person with their heart, body, and soul, they won’t say it.

Geminis don’t have a problem with expressing how they feel; they just want to be certain their feelings are genuine.

Geminis don’t like to mess with other people’s hearts, that’s the main reason why they will say those profound words when they actually mean them and not a moment sooner.


Even though they are indecisive by nature, when they truly fall in love, there is no second guessing they are all in and that’s that.

However, a Libra will feel those three little big words much earlier than they will dare to say them aloud.

They want to make sure that the other person feels the same.

Meanwhile, they will use sentences that signifies “I love you” in a unique Libran way:  “Text me, so I know you got home safe.” “Are you hungry?” “Did you get enough sleep last night?”


They have their own rules that the rest of the world might see as strict.

Still, a Virgo’s analytical mind does its best to slow down his heart from getting ahead of itself.

He wants to wait for the moment that he thinks his partner is someone he is fully compatible with and that there is almost zero risk of things going south.

Virgos protect their hearts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings bigger and deeper than anyone else.


Scorpios are not very good in expressing their emotions, especially male Scorpios.

They will feel it in a big way, but their fear of rejection will prevent them from saying the actual words.

It might take a long while for a Scorpio to admit how he actually feels. Still, it will be worth the wait.

If a Scorpio manages to utter those three little words, it’s because he actually means it.

He only says it when he considers the person he is with as someone he sees himself being committed the long term.

He doesn’t waste his words; he stays true to them.


Capricorns are not very big on change and saying “I love you” by default takes a relationship to a whole different level.

They are waiting for the moment in which they will feel safe enough in the relationship to say it.

They basically build a relationship brick by brick and they are slow builders, their partners might even get tired of waiting for them to admit how they feel.


Words don’t mean squat if you ask an Aquarian. Showing love is always better than saying it.

So if you are lucky enough to be loved by an Aquarian, he’ll do his best to make you feel his love.

He will always make time for you, text you on a regular basis, be by your side through good and the bad, listen to you, respect you, and make effort.

When you look at it, is there a nicer way to say “I love you” than through actual deeds?

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