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5 Zodiacs Who Are Forward About Their Romantic Feelings

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Some zodiacs are hesitant to bring up the way they’re feeling. They’re scared of facing rejection and don’t want to overstep boundaries that might make someone else uncomfortable. But other zodiacs are pretty blunt about where they stand because they don’t see the point in staying silent. They don’t see the point in playing pretend. Here are some zodiacs who are (usually) forward about their feelings:

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Aries are impulsive, so even if they want to keep their feelings for you on the down-low, they are going to have trouble following through on it. At some point, their feelings are going to be written across their face – or they’re going to blurt it out without thinking through the consequences. Aries live in the moment, so they aren’t really thinking about how you will respond. They’re only thinking about the passion they feel for you and how badly they want you.

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Geminis are excellent communicators, so if they have a crush on you, you’re going to know. They are going to be clear about where they stand with you, what they want from your relationship, and the expectations that they have for you. Since they aren’t afraid of having the tough conversations, you can trust them to be honest with you. They aren’t going to say things just to shut you up. If they say it, they mean it.


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Leos don’t see the point in playing it cool. After all, they know they’re worthy of your attention, so they’re going to ask for it. They’re going to shoot their shot and see what happens because they know that they would regret staying quiet. Besides, they can handle rejection well. When they get turned down, they might be hurt for a while, but they understand that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to give them what they want. They know they’re lovable. They don’t need you to confirm it for them.


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Libras pride themselves on their transparency. They feel the need to be honest at all times, so it’s difficult for them to hide their romantic feelings. After all, they know that everyone loves to be loved. Even if they’re turned down, their declaration is going to make someone else feel good about themselves — and that makes them excited to share their emotions. Libras are romantics at heart, so they aren’t going to let the chance at true love pass them by. They would rather stay honest, and stay true to themselves.


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Aquarius are one of a kind. They couldn’t care less about what others think about them and they don’t understand dating rules, so they completely ignore those rules. An Aquarius will tell you how they feel because the alternative doesn’t cross their mind. Even though some people view this sign as detached and emotionally cold, they’re actually pretty clear about how they feel about you. They might not say those three little words all the time, but if they love you, they will let you know.

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