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The Concrete Sign You’re Falling For The Wrong Person, Based On Your Zodiac

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They’re not independent.

It’s a huge red flag when the person you’re interested in isn’t self-sufficient. You need someone who respects the fact that you like to be in control of your own life and that you have various pursuits you won’t put on the back burner—someone with their own interests, friends, hobbies, and passions. If they’re displaying even the slightest signs of clinginess at the beginning, then run. It will only get worse as the relationship progresses. Wait for the person who values success and personal development as much as you do. Don’t make the mistake of becoming involved with someone who self-identifies in a romantic partnership.

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They don’t make you feel steady.

Someone who displays any signs of inconsistency—not following through with plans, breaking their promises, not calling when they say they will—is someone who will only hurt you down the line. If you’re failing to feel appreciated or wanted so early on in the relationship, you could save yourself a lot of heartbreak by asking yourself if this person is suited for you. You deserve someone who will give you the stability and security you need in love in order to feel safe. The right person for you is someone you can be certain you can count on to build a lasting, healthy partnership with.

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They’re hard to crack.

You’re never going to have the deep mental connection you crave from love with someone who struggles with opening up. The right person for you is someone who will give you open and consistent communication—someone who is able to put their feelings into words and who will never keep you guessing. Don’t spend your energy trying to convince someone to be direct. Don’t beg anyone to let you in. This kind of person will only leave someone with an overly analytical mind like yours feeling anxious down the line. Wait for someone who is forthright and social—someone who matches your communication style.

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Your efforts aren’t reciprocated.

Cancer, when your efforts aren’t being reciprocated, run away as far as you can in the opposite direction. Someone who can’t match your energy will never make you feel supported. They will only get lazier as the relationship progresses. This type of person is someone who is incapable of providing you with the emotional security you crave in romance—they will never make you feel safe. You deserve a nurturing, sensitive soul. The right love will honor you with tenderness, affection, and respect. Your true love will never leave you hungry for anything.

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You don’t feel like a priority to them.

A big red flag you shouldn’t ignore is someone not spending enough quality time with you. The concrete sign you’re falling for the wrong person is feeling neglected. Someone who fails to show interest, who doesn’t talk about the future, who breaks plans, who forgets to text back, and who never notices the little things isn’t the right person for you. They make you forget that you are the sun because they don’t appreciate your light. You deserve someone who prioritizes you and who consistently communicates their desire for you. You deserve to be treated like royalty. You deserve all the attention and affection you crave.

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They’re a “fixer-upper.”

You love through acts of service. In the past, you’ve figured out the lives of your partners for them. It’s something innate in you—the need to be generous and to be of aid to others. Unfortunately, this means that you’ve gotten romantically involved with people not on your level. Don’t make the same mistake again, Virgo. The last thing you need is a lover you have to “fix.” They will only leave you feeling drained of all your resources—emotional, financial, mental, and physical. What you deserve is someone who is self-sufficient—someone willing to split all the relationship responsibilities equally. The right love for you is someone secure in themselves who believes in mutual respect. You need someone who, like you, is constantly placing effort into improving themselves.

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You don’t feel like you can be your true self around them.

Libra, the concrete sign that you’re falling in love with the wrong person is finding yourself bending over backward to win their approval. This means being unhealthily agreeable, hiding parts of who you are, saying yes when you really mean no, and biting your tongue. As your past has taught you, you’re prone to self-identifying in relationships. You’ve often found yourself with partners who make all the decisions and who make you feel afraid of being open about your emotional needs and desires. If you want the genuine, healthy, and lasting romance you seek, then you can’t be with someone who makes you feel like you need to swallow your needs. The right love won’t make you lose yourself.

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They make you feel like you’re “too much.”

You’re an intense creature full of complexities. It will take someone as profound as you are to truly be capable of emotionally fulfilling you. Someone who makes you feel like you’re “too much” is someone who is too little and who couldn’t possibly match your depth. There may be strong physical chemistry between you two, but your connection is devoid of the passion you long for. They’re not someone capable of diving with you into the deep waters of subconsciousness in order to fully be able to explore each other. This isn’t a person who will ever truly make you feel safe enough to let your guard down and show them the real you. You deserve someone who will make you feel understood and give you the intimacy you crave. The right person for you will never make you feel ashamed of your intensity. With them, you’ll be comfortable enough to share your innermost desires and darkest secrets.

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They’re afraid to take risks.

A significant other who is afraid to take risks is one who will make you feel held back, stifled, and confined. Someone who fears being free-spirited and adventurous isn’t someone with whom you’ll live the exhilarating life of your dreams. This also isn’t a person who will respect your independence and curiosity. As a Sag, you’ve got a need to explore different places and cultures. You can’t live a conventional life, nor can you stay tied to one place for long. You need someone who is confident and bold—someone willing to join you on new, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping experiences. You need someone as fearless as you are to keep the relationship from going stale.

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They lack self-control.

Someone as disciplined, responsible, and ambitious as you absolutely cannot make it work with someone who lacks self-control. Don’t ignore the red flags of someone carefree who overindulges and is unable to get their priorities straight. When they don’t share your vision and fail to talk about their aspirations for the future, you shouldn’t get invested. You need someone who can be depended on to build a solid future together—someone you know can provide and protect. Someone who doesn’t have a grasp on the concept of willpower is someone incapable of being devoted to the commitment of an equal partnership. You deserve a person with clear, concise ideas about what they want from life and love.

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They want to commit too quickly.

There’s no surer way to know that you’re falling for the wrong person than someone wanting to commit too quickly. This means they’re after the traditional relationship your heart certainly doesn’t desire (and that they could possibly be codependent). For you, the ideal relationship would be both partners having their own separate lives and pursuits and coming together to build something solid. You deviate from convention and social norms. The perfect lover for you is someone who shares your values. Someone who will respect your need for space to be able to recharge. Someone who will understand that you need your independence to chase after your passions. Someone who sees individuality as something precious.

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They love bomb you.

You’re ruled by dreamy Neptune, which makes you susceptible to grand ideas of love. Since you were little, you’ve been fantasizing about the fairytale in which you find your soulmate. You can’t help but be a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, your desire for a deep spiritual connection has made you prone to dating emotional vampires. They can sense your sensitivity and they take advantage of your kindness and unique ability of reminding others of their beauty. It’s how good you make them feel about themselves that they love, and they drain you for it. Your affinity for seeing the best in people makes it difficult for you to differentiate between the sweetness at the beginning of a healthy relationship and love bombing at the start of an unhealthy one. Sometimes when things feel too good to be true, it’s because they are, Pisces. Take off the rose-colored glasses.

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