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5 Zodiacs Most Likely To Sabotage Their Relationships

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1. Virgo

You have a cynical view of love and relationships. You expect love to let you down and that can end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for you. You tend to view love as fragile and fleeting and shy away from it too easily, risking not getting something that could be really beautiful and meaningful. You also look for love in the wrong places frequently, which contributes to your feelings of disillusionment. Practice trusting yourself and also working on your feelings of worth and self-love because how you feel about yourself is a mirror that projects outward.

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2. Scorpio

You are naturally suspicious and mistrusting. This is why Scorpios have a bad reputation and people deem them callous and cold. It’s not that you don’t feel, it’s that you feel too deeply and you just want to protect yourself. But protecting yourself can come at a cost and you end up keeping people out and pushing them away. If you do let someone in and they commit even the slightest transgression, you are not quick to forgive and that resentment can simmer indefinitely, poisoning whatever is left of the relationship. Practice learning to trust yourself. Try to see the good in yourself and in others.

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3. Aquarius

You love your freedom and value having the space to live life on your own terms. With relationships, you can be quick to ice someone out or withdraw if you feel they are expecting too much from you. You read this as them being overbearing or too needy when really, expectations are normal in a relationship.

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4. Gemini

You are fun, whimsical, and impulsive. You have a genuine curiosity about others and are a natural people person. As such, you fall in love fast, but your impulsivity causes you to fall out of love just as quickly. Part of the problem is how easily you get bored… but boredom is a part of life! If you aren’t grounded and really lean into that flighty side of yourself, you can push away a lot of good things before they even get started.

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5. Libra

You are terrified of being alone and this often leads you to making poor choices, or even overthinking. You fall in love with the idea of people relatively quickly… which is usually followed by feeling disillusioned, ending the relationship, and looking for the next thing. Practice being OK on your own before pursuing a romantic relationship.

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