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5 Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship

Life is all about resolving the karma that our souls incarnated with here on Earth. We often enter into relationships, contracts, and other situations in life that are karmic in nature, meaning that they exist in order for us to learn some lesson to help us heal from the past. We will remain in karmic situations until the karma has been resolved, and then we will move forward with our lives into more permanent and lasting situations.

Karmic situations can refer to anything from work situations, family situations, friendships, romantic relationships, roommate situations, etc. It is essentially just a situation put into our lives to help us grow into our best selves by learning from the past.

Here are five signs the situation you are currently in is karmic in nature.

1. It doesn’t always feel great, but it might feel destined or necessary. 

If it was not a karmic situation or relationship but instead a more permanent one, it would feel very aligned, flowy, and good. It might be that you have to experience the situation in order to play out karma and learn the lessons that you need to, but it is not your destiny to stay in that situation forever.

2. You lose money, time, or jobs by being involved in it. 

The number one sign that it is a karmic situation is if money or other forms of abundance are not flowing well when you are involved in it. Money is energy, so if that energy is not flowing, it is because you are paying off a karmic debt. One example would be the last guy I dated—I was housesitting and invited him over, and it caused me to lose the job, along with the $300 I was supposed to earn from it. I know, brutal, right? I knew the relationship was not meant to last, but I didn’t feel like I could get out of it until I had learned the lessons I needed to learn from being with him. He was a mirror and reflection of certain parts of myself that I’d neglected and forgotten about over the years, and I needed them to be shown to me.

3. It can cause your life to fall apart. 

When your life seems to be falling apart, it is only to serve your highest good. If a situation is karmic, it will rip your life apart so that you can learn lessons in order to build it back up again. One example would be when I met the person who I thought was my twin flame, but it turned out he was my false twin flame. Meeting him caused my entire life to fall apart—the faulty structures I’d built that were not in alignment with my highest excitement and the talents and skills I was naturally given were not being used. I’d been going against the guidance of my intuition for years, which is why I was so unhappy for so long. Meeting that karmic soulmate helped me see that.

4. There are a lot of lower level emotions involved. 

This includes anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, hurt, grief, pain, a sense of responsibility, or a sense of injustice. If it were not karmic, you would feel more love, bliss, excitement, joy, and peace by being involved in the situation.

5. It will help you learn lessons or resolve some issues from the past. 

Once you have resolved the karma and learned the lesson, the situation will be released. A soulmate or situation that is not karmic will build you up for the future rather than bring you down or back to the past.

5 Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship
5 Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship

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