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5 Brutal Reasons You’re Still Single

You must have had, or still have, a woman near you who, for all her qualities, is single.

She stands firmly on the ground, she is smart, attractive, not demanding, she is sociable, caring.

There is no end in sight to her qualities, but she is still not in a relationship.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing yourself and aren’t really aware of what you’re doing wrong.

You have probably been pondering the reasons why this is so, wondering if you still have too high an opinion of yourself and if you think you are better than others.

When we think something is wrong in our life, such as the fact that we are not in a relationship, we take a combative stance, explore the damage, and look back to find the culprit for the situation that we are at.

First, let’s find practical reasons. I’m single because it’s hard to find someone. All good people are already taken.

Appointments never work for me and they never call me back. Something is wrong with me.

Something doesn’t have to be right with me because otherwise someone would be in love with me.

What is holding you back is not yourself, but all of your hidden excuses, unconscious reasons for being reluctant to enter into a relationship.

You’ve probably been heartbroken by now, and you’re a little scared that the scenario could repeat itself.

It is not the thought of falling in love that scares you, but the thought of what love might become.

Subconscious obstacles keep you closed and excluded from the world of feelings and make love impossible.

But when you get rid of your fears, doubts and excuses and open your heart, you will move towards love. When you smile at strangers or chat to them in a coffee shop, you start looking for one of hundreds of potential partners.

If you are smiling and full of energy, you will be attracting people in no time. And then you will find your love.

Being single is great when the decision is entirely up to you, but when you are against your will and alone for an extended period of time, there has to be a reason for it.

1. You have high expectations

No matter where you live, there is an emotionally available, hard working man somewhere near you just waiting to meet you.

If you wait quietly for this encounter, your paths may never cross. So, get out of the house, just hang around and go out.

Don’t sit at home and wait for the perfect man to show up to knock you off your feet.

But sometimes even going out isn’t enough. If you haven’t met notable men in the places you go out most often, it may be time to move into new circles, among new people.

On top of that, sometimes high standards are the biggest culprit for being single.

If you do not always insist on perfection, then you are giving up the opportunity to meet decent and considerate men.

2. You have a negative outlook on life

When you have to win every argument, like to argue, or always take a defensive stance, never giving compliments and you are hard to please. If so, it is possible that this attitude is the main problem.

No matter how good you look, you can drive people away with your character. If you keep telling him that nothing he does is good, he will run away.

If you don’t want to talk about things that interest him, he will run away. Don’t always be argumentative or start arguing over one of his wrong words; if you like him, show him.

Women who constantly cause quarrels are not a desirable company for anyone. Plus, they hate it when you try to change them.

A woman who is constantly looking for flaws in him is neither a desirable company nor is she attractive.

3. You are desperate

Nobody likes to think they’re desperate, but if you’re obsessed with your love life you could still fall into this category.

It is okay to hope that you meet the right person, but that shouldn’t be the only important goal in your life.

Instead, pursue hobbies, socialize with family and friends, and just live your life.

Such behavior will not only distract your thoughts from your love life, but will also make you more attractive.

Men love women who look happy and satisfied because it tells them they are not going to be too demanding and possessive.

Therefore, stop trying all the time and relax.

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, the circumstances and times can be bad. So take your time and take it slow.

4. Your dream type is emotionally unavailable

There’s nothing wrong with having your own partner type unless that guy is emotionally unavailable and problematic in relationships.

For example, maybe you know the feeling of pain when you bond with someone who is a cold bad guy.

But you are still looking for such people, consciously or unconsciously. Be aware of what attracts you.

What is certain is that we have something masochistic about us that sometimes leads us to stand up for the people who don’t deserve it.

It is true that such men often have these qualities that dominate their behavior that we suffer because of them, thinking that in time, somehow, love will come.

It is not our job to convince him that love is a miracle that can only happen if we let it happen.

We must stop putting the responsibility on ourselves to restore someone’s faith in love.

5. You do not love yourself and think that you are not worthy of love

When you’re wondering if your chosen one is condemning your job, or convincing yourself you should have lost weight before you date, you’re inevitably projecting uncertainty.

Confidence begins with accepting and appreciating who you are now, in this moment, and in this time.

Confidence is attractive, so you need to develop a strong sense of self.

Everyone, after a disappointment in life, thinks that love is dead, that it does not exist, and they stop looking for the ideal partner.

This happens to most women, and over time they become convinced that they haven’t found the love of their life because they are not beautiful enough. Their self-confidence drops and they lose all hope.

Well, these are all toxic properties that keep us from going out and meeting new people, working on our dreams, and realizing that we are different for a reason.

We are different and special in our own way, and after realizing this fact, we will realize that it is our positive attitudes that attract people, not the way we look.

5 Brutal Reasons You’re Still Single
5 Brutal Reasons You’re Still Single

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