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The 6 Things I’ve Learned About Love

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What does it mean to truly love someone? To truly feel the weight of their heart in your hands? To truly see them in all of their beauty?

To love someone means that you truly feel them. Love means to see inside someone’s soul, into their heart and all of the undying beauty that lies in their vulnerabilities and flaws. Love is beautiful because you can see it, you can feel it.

Love is when you see a tear rolling down a cheek and wishing to take it away. It’s seeing that person laughing, and catching yourself wishing to freeze time so that you can live with them in that joy for eternity. To love someone means that you reach beyond your comfort zone and begin living in a place of empathy, understanding, and acceptance so that you can be there when they need a hand to hold. Loving someone is reminding them that they don’t have to their fight battles alone anymore. That you will stand strong by their side and rage those battles together.

Love is beautiful. Loving someone is beautiful. Because even when things get hard in life, and trust that they will, you are reminded that you will always have someone there.

If there is anything worth risking in this unpromising world, it is to risk loving with your entire heart.

Based on my own experiences, here is what I have learned about love.

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1.) It’s unpredictable. No matter how deep or long-lasting love is, it will always keep you guessing. It will always keep you on your toes. It will take you on the ride of your life, always promising a lifetime of surprises.

2.) It’s imperfect. Love has been present in many different intensities in my life, and not once has it been flawless. Not once has it been effortless. Love has cracks. It hurts and it aches, and most days, it lets you bleed. But it also mystifies and blurs, it patches and heals.

3.) It will not conquer all. Love by itself, will not fix every little thing in your life. That takes effort and resilience. Don’t get me wrong, Love is strong – it is one of the strongest sentiments in the world, but it can break. Timing and life hold the potential to tear it from your heart, and being able to know that makes the difference between an epic love and an ordinary one.

4.) It is RISKY. Something that holds the potential to cloud your vision and sweat your palms is nerve-wracking. It tears through every wall that you have ever built and opens your vulnerability up to the world. It will feed on exposing your soul, making you question why you ever let it in – but doing so makes you feel safer, safer than you’ve ever been.

5.) It’s not a linear equation. Love is ever-changing. It will ebb and transcend in every direction. But then again, that is what makes it so beautiful.

6.) It will defy all social norms. It will rise above race and gender expectations because it is not limited to such simple concepts. It’s complex and intense – and it will rise above.

Love is many different things – good and bad, beautiful and ugly.

But it’s not finite. There are no set rules around it, and because of this, there is enough of it to go around. We all deserve to experience it and bask in all of its glorious qualities…regardless of the excuses you can come up with.

You are worthy of it all.

So love. Love with your entire heart. Love with your entire soul.

The 6 Things I’ve Learned About Love
The 6 Things I’ve Learned About Love

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