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4 Zodiacs With An Inconspicuous Life Change Right Under Their Noses

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The old t-shirt Aries threw in the garbage this week is really the hallmark of a complete style transformation that is about to take shape in the near future. There are aspects of themselves Aries is ready to leave behind, and it’s all because they’ve learned to change the way they think about themselves. They want to present themselves to the world in the same way they, externalizing the confidence and self-worth they’ve acquired through a ton of hard work and personal growth. Fashion is also a way Aries feels comfortable sharing their personality with the world. The same way a painter would pick certain colors to create a mood on a canvas, Aries feels that different hues can express how they’re feeling and act both as a reference point and a calling card for others to remember them by.

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I don’t want to chalk Leo’s life change up to “they’re becoming a neat freak”, but let’s just say the Virgos in their life will take notice of their improved effort and organization. Something is just going to click inside them after they complete a simple task first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s making the bed, maybe it’s making sure they don’t leave any toothpaste residue in the sink. The important part is that it’s going to feel good, and that satisfaction is going to set off a snowball effect. They are going to declutter their life, and in turn their mental well being. Because while the fridge is getting cleaned out and the closets reorganized, what’s really happening is Leo saying to themselves, “I deserve a nice space, and I am capable of making that a reality for myself”. Accomplishing the menial tasks in their day gives them added confidence to tackle the big ones.

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Scorpio’s life change is about letting go of their anti-social tendencies and learning to trust in the general “okayness” of humanity. All it takes is for them to respond to a text they were planning on ignoring, and suddenly a conversation blossoms they actually find themselves enjoying. They see that with minimal effort put in, they can actually benefit from a rewarding and pleasant interaction. The more of this incremental bets on the people in their lives they are willing to make, they more they are happily surprised to find that people are truly interested in getting to know them and spend time with them. For whatever reason, Scorpio assumes that people are just “being nice” and will eventually flake and lose interest. But sometimes the smallest breadcrumb from Scorpio is all it takes for people to show their most authentic self, and in it, Scorpio finds friendship and companionship.

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Aquarius doesn’t realize something huge is coming to an end. It’s not something that’s been planned, not as intentional as a breakup. It’s a raincheck on a standing appointment that they don’t realize isn’t just a brief hiccup. It’s a second or third date that starts feeling serious, before they realized they were bidding their singledom goodbye. Loss that isn’t as abrupt or demarcated as a death is still a loss. There’s not a set date or a birthday where you’re no longer allowed to have sleepovers with your friends, but then you’ll find yourself at a bachelorette party wondering why it’s been years since you were all in your pajamas together. Life is changing so quickly that we can’t always see what’s leaving our lives because we are so focused on what’s coming into it. It’s not your fault you didn’t catch it sooner, and it’s never too late to grieve it once you do.

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