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These 5 Zodiacs Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

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Since they get bored very easily and are known to be huge flirts, they can’t help but talk to other people even if they’re in a committed relationship. They always want to see if there’s someone better out there for them, and they always miss the thrill of getting to know someone and texting them for hours late at night. They love the honeymoon phase more than anything, and that’s why they love flings.

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They love having more than one option and they feel more confident when they are wanted by more than one person. They can, at first, love the attention that person is giving them, but they end up taking it a bit too far because they don’t want to lose that person’s interest. They may be good at hiding it from their partner or pretending that this person is just a friend, but they don’t necessarily end that connection.

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They are slow to commit because they already have so many friends with benefits. They don’t promise anything, but they make each one of them feel special in a certain way. They can lead them on and make them feel like they have a chance, as they tend to make false promises to keep them all around without really committing to anyone.

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They have a reputation for a reason—they love the secrecy and the games of cheating on their partner. They enjoy being good at the game and getting away with their lies. They love having a main partner and a few side flings so they can feel fulfilled. They love bragging about how many people are lusting after them and how many texts they get during the day. Their constant need for romance and intimacy tends to get them in trouble every time.

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They may think it’s an innocent connection at first, but it eventually leads to spending long nights together or having intimate conversations they shouldn’t be having. They are a sucker for deep and personal conversations, and they can’t help but fantasize about this person even if they’re happy in their relationship. They also tend to stay in touch with their exes, which can often lead to a few non-friendly encounters with them.

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