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4 Zodiacs Who Would Never Fail A Friend

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Some zodiacs make incredibly loyal friends. Once they grow attached to you, they would never do anything to hurt you. They will always have your best interest at heart because they love you and respect you. Here are the zodiacs who would never fail a good friend:


Libra, you would do anything for the people you consider close friends. You don’t care how much it inconveniences you, or even whether you’ll get a thank you, because you are acting out of the kindness of your heart. You would never fail a friend because you strive to treat others the way that you want to be treated. You are always putting your best foot forward so you can fall asleep feeling proud of yourself. Although you have made your fair share of mistakes, and had your fair share of fallings out in the past, you would never actively fail a friend. You would never dream of lying to them or deceiving them. You try your hardest to give them what they deserve because you trust that they’re doing the same for you.

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Leo, you are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. Although you are ambitious and aren’t afraid to be a little selfish when the need arises, you aren’t going to backstab your friends in order to get ahead in life. You aren’t going to lie and manipulate in order to get your way. You are going to treat your friends with the kindness and respect that they deserve because you would want them to do the same. Even though there are moments when your busy schedule takes you away from your friends and causes you to see them less than you would like, you would never actively fail a friend. You would never hurt them intentionally.

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Your friendships mean the world to you. You value them way too much to risk losing them, which is why you are going to put active effort into treating your friends the way that they deserve to be treated. You aren’t going to leave them hanging when they’re struggling or go too long without speaking to them when you’re swamped because they brighten your days. They make this world seem so much lighter. You would never fail a friend because you care about them too deeply. You want them to thrive. In your mind, their success is your success.

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You’re the type of friend who will answer a phone call in the middle of the night and show up as soon as you’re called. Nothing will keep you apart from someone in need. You will drop everything in order to be there for them. You would never fail a friend because you care about their happiness as much as your own. Maybe even more than your own. You are a giver, so helping others comes naturally to you. But backstabbing and deceiving doesn’t. If you hurt someone who was counting on you, then you would never be able to live with yourself. You would end up feeling even worse than you made them feel.

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