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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Understand That You’re Flirting With Them

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Some zodiacs are excellent at interpreting signals. They will be able to tell when you’re flirting and will either flirt back or let you down easy, depending on how they feel about you. However, other signs aren’t as great at interpreting body language and playful banter. Here are zodiacs who never understand when you’re flirting with them, even when you make it super obvious:

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Sometimes, this sign can come across as emotionally detached because they aren’t as open with their emotions. Since they don’t have love at the forefront of their mind, they might completely miss the signals that someone is flirting with them. After all, they’re busy worrying about other things. If you want this sign to know how you feel, then you need to make it obvious. You need to be upfront and say what you mean instead of trying to drop subtle hints because they aren’t going to pick up on your small indications. They need you to confirm your feelings for them.

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Capricorns are brutally honest, and they expect everyone to behave in the same way. They will take your words at face value, so if you never come right out and say that you have feelings for them, they probably aren’t going to realize that it’s the case. This sign respects transparency. They would rather have you reveal your feelings (even if it’s a little awkward) than make them guess what’s running through your mind. It’s much more efficient to tell the truth, and Capricorns are all about efficiency.

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Cancers have trouble recognizing their worth and raising their confidence, so they tend to be insecure. They always assume that their crush is out of their league, so even when someone is blatantly flirting with them, they will worry that they’re mistaken. They will assume that this person is only being friendly because there’s no way that they could possibly like them. Since this sign never wants to assume that someone has feelings for them, they go the opposite way. They assume that no one has feelings for them. They assume that their feelings are not reciprocated. Even if someone comes out and says that they want to date a Cancer, they might still be skeptical. They might feel like it’s too good to be true and wonder whether there’s a catch.

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Scorpios are incredibly pessimistic. Even when things are going well with their crush and it seems like their feelings are reciprocated, Scorpios will find something to be upset about. They have a hard time enjoying a good thing because they assume that something horrible is waiting around the corner. They won’t want to get their hopes up because they’re terrified of having their hearts broken in the end. This sign would rather keep their expectations low so they don’t end up shocked when things go south. This pessimistic attitude makes it hard for them to see when someone returns their feelings, when they’re in the middle of an incredibly flirtatious conversation.

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