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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before February 19

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Your card: Ace of Cups

This card marks the beginning of an epic love. The fact that it coincides with the week of Valentine’s Day is certainly nice timing. It either marks a start to a literal new relationship or a new beginning for your romantic heart, even while single.

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Your card: The Hanged One

This week is about letting go. There are things in your life that are no longer serving you. Stop holding on just because you’re afraid of change. You’ll feel so much lighter once you let go.

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Your card: Justice

It can be a little hard for you to lean toward fairness rather than just going for what you want, but fate will be watching you this week. Do the right thing for everyone, and not just for you. Your karma will react accordingly.

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Your card: 8 of Pentacles

This is a great week to work on improving your skills. Whether it’s art or DIY projects or studying for a test, this is your time to hunker down and get things done. If it starts to feel boring, you could always listen to a podcast or audiobook while you work.

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Your card: 9 of Pentacles

It’s time to treat yourself, even if it’s just to a fancy cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. If you’ve been eyeing something and have the money to afford it, this card is encouraging you to gift yourself something nice this week. You’re worth it.

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Your card: Ace of Swords

Whatever’s been bugging you lately, you’re about to have a breakthrough. Whether it’s a realization about your social life or a literal problem-solving moment at work, you’re going to have a transformative week.

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Your card: The Sun

This week will be filled with warmth and positivity. This is an optimistic card, so even if things don’t go your way, you’ll still have a great attitude as they fall apart. Still, the fates are in your favor for a wonderful and memorable Valentine’s week.

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Your card: 9 of Swords

You’re plagued by anxiety, worry, and fear this week. While you’re often good at ignoring the negative parts of your inner monologue, it’ll be a lot harder to avoid right now. Just know that those thoughts rarely reflect the real world.

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Your card: The Moon

Something’s bubbling just under the surface this week, and you might have no idea. It’s either your secret that could be revealed or something that you’ll never see coming. Listen to your gut instinct, because it will tell you everything you need to know.

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Your card: Ace of Pentacles

Now’s the time to manifest what you want when it comes to money and your career. You have so much power this week, so don’t let the opportunity float away. Ask for what you want and you just might get it.

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Your card: 7 of Pentacles

Rather than focusing so much on the present this week, think about your long-term goals this week. What do you want for your future and how do you plan on getting it? You have so much potential for success as long as you keep your future in mind.

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Your card: 2 of Wands

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You have a decision to make this week. Rather than sinking into stagnancy, you have an opportunity to change everything. It’ll take a little planning and a big leap of faith, but you have a wealth of possibilities open to you if you go for it.

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