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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Agree To Last Minute Dates

Some signs are always up for an adventure. You could call them in the middle of the night and they would jump at the opportunity to hang out. But other signs feel like last minute plans are an inconvenience — or just plain disrespectful. Here are the zodiacs who probably won’t agree to last minute dates, so you need to plan them out ahead of time:


Taurus want to plan out their schedule weeks (or even months) in advance, so they aren’t going to agree to dates at the last second. They like knowing what they’re getting into ahead of time so they can prepare for what’s to come mentally and physically (AKA planning out their outfit and their driving route). Even if this sign wants to be with you, they aren’t going to be thrilled if you text them about hanging out at the last minute because they aren’t a big fan of surprises. It makes them too nervous. It makes them feel overwhelmed — and that’s not how they want to feel on a date. They want to feel comfortable. They want to feel at ease.


Virgos would rather plan dates ahead of time, so they can figure out a comfortable way to work you into their schedule. If you give them a head’s up that you’re interested in hanging out, then they will make the time work. They will make sure they’re able to see you. They will put in the effort to make a date happen. But that’s only if they have enough time to rearrange their schedule. If you contact them at the last minute, you can’t expect them to drop everything for you. You can’t expect them to come running the second your name pops onto their phone. They have busy, thriving lives. Their world doesn’t revolve around you.


Even though Scorpios are spontaneous and aren’t necessarily opposed to going on last minute adventures, they prefer when partners schedule dates ahead of time — especially in the early days of dating. They want to know that you value their time. They want to know that you care enough to schedule dates ahead of time so they don’t feel like an afterthought. When you invite them out at the last minute, they feel like you’re only talking to them because you have nothing better to do. Because they’re your backup plan when nothing better comes along. This sign needs to know you care enough to schedule plans ahead of time, that you really look forward to seeing them.


Capricorns are too busy to agree to last second plans. Normally, their schedules are jam packed, so they aren’t going to be able to fit you in without warning. They need you to check with them ahead of time so they can rearrange their schedule to make time for you. Plus, they like having something to look forward to in the near future. They like the anticipation of waiting to see you again, and knowing you’re just as eager to see them. Although you might get lucky once or twice by scheduling a last minute date with them, most of the time, they need you to take their business into account. They need you to respect their time.

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