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Your Boyfriend’s Deepest Relationship Fear, According To His Zodiac Sign

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Once an Arian enters a relationship, he’s all in. He’ll pull his A-game to sweep you off your feet.

He’ll do the impossible to show you how much he cares.

The more he invests in your relationship, the more he is scared you aren’t reciprocating his feelings.

He might start pulling away at one point in a relationship because he dreads losing you.

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He has difficulty fully committing to you because he’s scared that you will lose interest once he shows his.

That’s why he might act strange on occasions and mention you walking out on him.

You’ve probably already figured out you’re dating the most stubborn of all the zodiac signs.

Once they put their minds to something, it’s difficult to reason with them.

No matter how many times you reassure him that you are very much interested, truly, madly, deeply in love, and not going anywhere, he’ll doubt it anyway.

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A Gemini is a fun, outgoing, and social creature, that’s why it’s no wonder that his biggest fear is boredom.

He gets bored easily and falling into a rut in a relationship is the worst-case scenario for him.

To him, being in a relationship means growing together, socializing with other people, and doing something fun and engaging every now and then.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be the sole source of entertainment for your Gemini boyfriend, it’s just a heads up to make an effort to be less passive and uninterested in newness.

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A Cancerian is really self-aware.

He’ll be the one to admit that he invested infinitely, tried too hard, and expected too much from his last relationship, and is afraid of making those same mistakes again.

A Cancer man is really emotional and not afraid to show it. Once he’s in a relationship, he’s all in, to the point of going over the top.

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Your Leo boyfriend will make grand gestures, take care of you, and make you feel special.

But, he loves the spotlight, is bossy, and is well aware that he has a huge ego.

He is a born leader and will most definitely be the dominant partner in your relationship.

He loves to have the final word and make all the big decisions – and some small ones too.

His ego is the very thing that frightens him. He is scared you might not see his love because you may think it’s all about him.

Don’t worry though, his lion heart has enough space to fit the both of you.

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While Virgo’s analytical skills are going to come in handy career-wise, they’re the sole thing that can ruin his love life.

Virgo is constantly analyzing every aspect of the relationship and usually gets stuck on the bad parts.

He won’t think twice before rubbing them in your nose if he feels wronged by you.

He has a tendency to create problems where there are none and he knows it, that’s why his deepest fear is that his analytical, sometimes nitpicky ways will push you away.

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Although he’s one of the most perfect boyfriends of the zodiac, Libra can be tricky.

He has days when he is all warm, cuddly, and by your side, and he has days where he’s nowhere to be found.

Well, he’s not literally lost, he’s just in need of some alone time or time with friends.

On the days he spends with his friends, you’ll notice the slight changes and you’ll feel like he grows distant.

You see, when a Libra man starts feeling too much for you, it scares the shit out of him, so he runs to his friends to prevent losing himself in his love for you.

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If you’re in a relationship with Scorpio, you will soon enough realize that the only pace at which your relationship is going to progress is slow – very, very slow.

S_-ual aspects of the relationship will go fast, though, as he’s the most passionate sign of the zodiac, but the emotional side is where he struggles the most.

He fears that by the time he manages to open up and let you in completely, you will have lost interest.

So bear with him and show your Scorpio man that he’s worth the wait.

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Sags don’t enter relationships easily, so if you’re in a relationship with one, there must be something very special about you that made him want to commit.

His biggest fear is that he’ll unintentionally hurt you because, even if everything is going great and he’s super into the relationship, he’s afraid that one day it won’t be enough.

He’s scared that his wanderlust nature will take him away from you.

He just needs to see that it doesn’t have to be one or the other; you can simply accompany him on his next adventure.

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A Capricorn takes relationships seriously. He doesn’t mess around and leaves things to chance.

If he says he’s only yours, he means it and will invest his heart and his mind to prove it.

That’s why your Capricorn boyfriend’s deepest fear is that you’re not as serious about your relationship as he is.

He’s scared that all of his love and efforts are going to be in vain if you both don’t desire the same things from each other.

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You will feel more yourself when spending time with your Aquarian boyfriend than when you’re all by yourself.

He has a special power of making you feel accepted and comfortable in your own skin that is just amazing.

You’ll not just love him, you’ll love yourself more with every day spent with him because he will point out how special, unique, and lovable you are.

It’s only natural that he wants the same acceptance back and fears he won’t get it.

If he even senses that you might want to change him or invade his private space, it will cause massive problems in your relationship.

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He always feels so much more than he allows you to see.

Pisces has an idea in his head that a man shouldn’t display his vulnerable side to anyone, not even the woman he loves.

So he keeps it all bottled up inside.

Naturally, his biggest fear is that you might mistake his feelings for weakness.

He doesn’t want to come off as clingy or insecure if he openly shows his love.

So he’ll probably hold back in the beginning of your relationship, and loosen up a little bit as things progress and he becomes a bit more secure in your feelings for him.

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