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4 Zodiacs Who Will See The Biggest Life Change This Cancer Season

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Cardinal Signs will be impacted by the Sun in Cancer transit beginning on June 21st, 2023 and ending on July 22, 2023. These signs are learning how to trust themselves and embrace their emotions. The Sun here wants Cardinal signs to grow and come out of their shells. To continue on the path of success, these signs need to learn how to dive within and do the work so that their relationships can thrive. See how this transit will impact those with Cardinal rising, sun, and moon signs.

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The Sun in a fellow Cardinal sign can bring tension, and you may feel more inspired to be more competitive. Try not to go all out; instead, learn to be more of a tactician. The warrior is still within you, so there is no need to begin battles you cannot win. With the Sun here, you will be more diplomatic, patient, observant, and focused on the next steps. Slow and steady may feel irritating to you, but it’s the way that will help you achieve the best outcome. As Mercury prepares to move into the sign of Cancer on the 26th, it will be another transit that slows you but will help you learn. Prepare yourself for more emotional intelligence, patience, and love. This season brings you pleasant surprises, as long as you go at a reasonable pace.

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Happy Solar Return! With the Sun in your sign, things get a little more interesting this year. For once, you can feel like you have a sense of control, thanks to Saturn making a trine to your sign, allowing you to feel centered and not burnt out. Treat and love yourself for the next several weeks. Pluto has returned to the sign of Capricorn, once again making you think about your relationships and the links to the past. While you could be encouraged to look back, Saturn and the Sun want you to look forward and focus on you. Be kinder to yourself and prioritize yourself more. Mars and Venus in Leo help to spark your confidence. Your birthday season is all about you, so make it about you, and don’t hide your star power.

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Career goals could be on your mind right now. You are pushed to find new ways to be there for yourself while honoring your responsibilities. However, you are not new to this game. The Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius transits have taught you how to stay ahead and how to work smarter, not harder. With the Sun here, you are encouraged to become a team player, especially if you are placed in a leadership position. It is imperative to be fair and to play fair, since the Sun and Saturn are working together this month to help you work with others while balancing power. Communication is essential for all signs, but because you are in a position where others will follow your lead, make sure to take your time to listen.

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Although this transit is romantically linked to you, it is still a reminder that much more internal work is needed for your relationships to thrive. The Sun in your house of partnerships brings to light the areas that could be a much-needed “wake-up call” for your connections. This season you will be pushed to tap into your emotional side, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Your ruler, Saturn, is also making a friendly aspect to your sign, helping you to find guidance from people you trust if you are feeling insecure. This season will help you to grow, especially once the Full Moon in your sign comes to play. Let go of the past hurts from relationships and don’t project onto others.

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