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The 3 Most Bitter Zodiacs

Let’s face it—life can be so brutally unfair and unforgiving, it often seems like happiness and justice can never be achieved. But some people are able to get past bad times and overcome adversity because they don’t take it personally. Other people don’t roll with the punches quite so easily—they take every setback and disappointment as a sign that the universe is out to get them. When you think that way, it tends to mold your entire personality. You become sour, harsh, acerbic, and filled to the brim with vinegar.

These are the three zodiac signs who cling to negativity like a magnet clings to iron.

1. Scorpio

Emotional to the point of hysteria, Scorpios are prone to experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows. Because they feel everything so intensely, they are deeply wounded by even the slightest insult or misfortune. Since they are prone to bearing grudges and think that forgiveness is only for fools and weaklings, they become wound collectors who never let go of negativity. Carrying all that pain around becomes exhausting. Since they never let themselves catch a break because they are convinced that life has been relentlessly unfair to them, they make sure to share their bitterness with everyone at every opportunity. Woe to those who must suffer the scorpion’s sting!

2. Capricorn

When you are as bent on achievement and success as Capricorns are, even a minor setback seems like a disappointment. Because they are so deeply driven, they have a tendency to be control freaks. However, no one can control everything, which means that Capricorns are quicker to get frustrated than any other sign. If they have 99 victories and one loss over the course of a day, they’ll lose sleep that night obsessing over the one loss. To Capricorns, even the sweetest victory doesn’t feel as substantial as, or bear the leaden weight of, even the most trivial loss. The result: a one-way ticket to Bitter City.

3. Gemini

The Twins are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. They are unmatched in their ability to express both their thoughts and their feelings. However, they are surrounded by people who aren’t nearly as gifted at offering feedback to them. As a result, Geminis often feel misunderstood, almost like they’re speaking a different language than everyone else—or even that they were placed on an alien planet where they are invisible. The deep wellspring from which Geminis draw bitterness is the fact that it often seems that no matter how well they express themselves, it feels like no one understands what they mean or what motivates them.

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