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4 Zodiacs Who Will Heal This Week

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It’s time to stop white-knuckling it, Cancer. Just pick up the phone and call in sick. Or slack, I guess. It is 2023. Your refrains of “I’m okay” have finally run their course, and you literally have no voice left to sing them. Whatever physical or mental self-care you have been postponing, it’s time to step out of your mirage of denial and see the desert that surrounds you. You need water, you need rest, you need sunscreen. Basic self-care 101. You need a nap and some time to decompress. There are times when your ability to put others’ needs first is commendable, but not when you could literally do something as simple as fork over twenty bucks for some Zyrtec and stop suffering in silence. Once you see how much easier life becomes when you keep up with regular maintenance you will begin to heal the part of yourself that doesn’t prioritize your own well-being. The person whose car breaks down past the point of repair, because they neglected to get an oil change, is a fool, and the same line of thinking applies to the care and keeping of you. Yes, that was an American Girl reference, but all the same, don’t forget it.

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This week you will get back in touch with a part of yourself that can be painful, Leo. It’s natural to lament the things we didn’t know or didn’t spend enough time on, the things we only learned to value in retrospect, but these things are never finite. The books you wish you had actually read for your college courses, the piano practice you skipped, the classes you never signed up for, the jobs you never applied for, and on and on and on. They pile up, and we’re afraid to look at that pile because we’re afraid to say the real part out loud, that we still want these things. So this week, you need to take a page out of Jonathan Van Ness’ book and take that first step towards whatever your version of “adult gymnastics” is. You have so much life ahead of you that wasting any more time fretting over what you haven’t done to date makes no sense. Sure, you’re too old to enter a toddler beauty pageant, and if that was your dream, I am truly sorry. But there’s got to be an adult equivalent, as there are to most things. Take two seconds to Google it. You can thank me later.

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This week you heal the part of yourself that is lazy and cuts corners, Capricorn. You know where your faults are. The things that are small and slightly embarrassing, but luckily, easily remedied, and likely domestic. To the chronic takeout eaters – it’s time to prepare a home-cooked meal. To do something with your hands for a change and appreciate how all of the different ingredients come together to make your favorite meal. To the ones who dry clean everything – doing your own laundry isn’t as complicated as it seems. You can still take care of most of your garments without breaking the bank. To the ones who Uber everywhere – it’s time for a walk, a bike ride, or a road trip to the middle of nowhere. For you to be in full control of your direction, and not simply a passenger. To the social media swipers – it’s time to reengage with all things analog. Pick up a book, or an actual newspaper, or invest in a record player. They double as a great decor piece. Anything for you to unplug and use your full attention span. No matter the task, doing things yourself will heal the part of you that always feels rushed. There is time in the day.

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This week you heal the part of you that’s scared, Aquarius. You’re responsible, you’re informed, you think things through, you make good decisions, and now, all that is left is for you to take, not a leap of faith, you’re not trusting in anything blindly, but a leap of self-confidence. A leap that says, “I can do this. I’m ready, I’ve prepared, and no matter if things go exactly to plan or not, I can handle it.” Change is, by definition, different. And you shy away from it because your self-assurance comes from the things you know. The things you’ve already done. If you’re fine in one place, going to another where you’ve never been fine before feels like an inherent risk. But that’s a fallacy. If you’ve done your homework, which you always do, there’s no reason you can’t apply the same skills that allow you to be fine where you are to that somewhere new. Your likelihood of being fine there is much higher than not. So review your track record and your notes, and do the math. Calculate your own statistics for success, and believe in yourself, go forward. Heal the part of you that doubts even when you know you shouldn’t.

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