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3 Zodiac Signs That Will Face A New Life Chapter Requiring A Strong Work Ethic

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Life is full of unexpected surprises, and, as much as it sucks, not all of them are good. Sometimes when you’re breezing along happily without a care in the world, life can throw you a curveball and knock you out of your reverie. Sometimes the hand of fate can turn the page on an entirely new chapter in your life when you least expect it and are totally unprepared for it.

Circumstances like these are when you can least afford to be apathetic, carefree, or downright lazy. It’s when you need to hunker down, keep your chin up, treat negativity like an unwanted houseguest, and keep your eyes on your goals.

In a changing economic environment where things aren’t as certain as they were a year ago, where the whole world finds itself swirling amid inflation, housing crises, and chaotic events both domestic and foreign, it’s time to get serious and stay focused.

Here are three zodiac signs who may have to muster up the courage to stay strong and work harder in the face of new life events that were out of their control.

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1. Pisces

Pisces, you are the great dreamer of the zodiac, and if humans weren’t able to dream, they’d still be living in trees. But just like there is a time for everything, there is a time to dream and a time to wake up. The coming months will bring some bumps in the road, whether it’s a medical emergency, an unexpected expense, or a loved one who desperately needs your help. You can’t always plan for misfortune, but you can certainly plot out a battle plan to address it once bad news darkens your doorways. It’s time to keep your head on straight, burn the midnight oil, and don’t let the sudden stress destroy you. There will be plenty of time for dreaming once you’re able to fall asleep again.

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2. Sagittarius

As we slowly tiptoe into the winter months, Sagittarius, you would be wise to heed the ancient fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper. While summer was in full bloom and food was plentiful, the humble Ant still planned for the cold and barren months, while the arrogant Grasshopper partied like they was in Cabo San Lucas and the summer would never end. But then, as the days grew short, the winds blew cold, and there was no food to be found, the Grasshopper begged the Ant for help, but the Ant refused. Summer never lasts forever, Sagittarius. Don’t be the Grasshopper.

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3. Cancer

As the most emotional of all the water signs, you are famously warm, caring, and nurturing—toward others. But sometimes you overextend yourself on their behalf and wind up selling yourself short. Have you ever heard the expression “Charity begins at home”? For reasons that you neither caused nor could possibly foresee, the near future will bring a jolt to your normal work routine and force you to shed all those psychic vampires and economic parasites who drag you down and waste your time by taking advantage of your kindness. If this sounds like a warning, it is. Grab a shovel and get ready to dig yourself out of the coming dilemma.”

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