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4 Zodiacs Who Will Bring Out Your Soft Side

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Some zodiacs are going to bring out your wild, adventurous side — but other zodiacs are going to bring out your softer, gentler side. When you enter a relationship with them, you’re going to end up looking at the world (and at the person in the mirror) in a whole new way. Here are a few zodiacs who will bring out your softer side as you get to know them:

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Libras have soft hearts. They are one of the kindest, gentlest signs in the zodiac, and when you date them, their vulnerability and transparency is going to rub off on you. You’re going to find yourself treating others (and yourself) with more kindness and offering more forgiveness as you grow closer to this sign. Libras will inspire you to view the world in a better light and see the good in people before zoning in on the bad. This sign makes for the perfect partner because they will encourage your growth as an individual while you’re also growing as a couple. When you’re with them, the world will feel a whole lot kinder.

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Pisces are one of the most sensitive, emotionally mature signs in the zodiac. They feel deeply and will encourage you to get in touch with your emotions. They will remind you that it’s okay to shed tears and that it’s important to get your feelings out in the open. When you’re with them, you will never feel pressured to hide your truth. You will have a comfortable space to be yourself, to speak your mind, to spill your guts out. The longer you date a Pisces, the more forgiving and gentle you will become with yourself because they will teach you that it’s okay to be you.

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Taurus aren’t going to put up with disrespect. If you treat them poorly, then they will show you the door. And these types of boundaries are incredibly important. When you see how firmly this sign stands by their boundaries, it will encourage you to do the same — and standing up for yourself is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. Plus, this sign is mushy once they grow attached to you. They won’t hesitate to say those three little words and offer physical affection throughout the day. They will remind you it’s okay to embrace your romantic side and your sensitive side. It’s okay to let yourself feel.

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Cancers would do anything to make you happy and keep you safe. They are going to remind you of your worth by treating you the way you were always meant to be treated. Their behavior will inspire you to treat yourself with kindness too. After all, if they catch you speaking badly about yourself, they will stop you and give you a pep talk. They will remind you that it’s never okay to treat yourself like a punching bag. Plus, this sign is incredibly sensitive, so they will also remind you that your words have power. The way you speak to them matters and the way you speak to yourself matters.

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