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What Every Zodiac Needs To Hear Before May 17

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Call your favorite person and remind them how much you love them. Sometimes we unintentionally take advantage of the people in our life because we assume they know what they mean to us or that they’ll always be around—and sometimes we only realize this after it’s already too late.

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It’s okay to admit when you’re wrong. It’s okay to admit when you don’t know something. The only person who expects you to have all the answers is you—everyone else will understand when you don’t. It doesn’t make you stupid or less than, it just makes you a person who’s still learning, just like the rest of us.

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Sometimes luck is something we create all on our own. When you put good energy out into the world, it will often be returned to you. People want to help the people who have helped them. Kindness will often be met with kindness. If things are feeling more difficult than usual, be mindful of what you’re giving to others.

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It can be awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes too vulnerable to ask for help when you need it. Just know that people aren’t judging you for reaching out, and more often than not, they won’t reject you. Nothing is scarier than not knowing how someone will respond, but give people the benefit of the doubt—those who love you want to be there for you.

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Who you are will always, always be more important than who others want you to be. As much as you’d like to please others, it doesn’t matter if at the end of the day, you’re miserable. Instead, find the people who will never ask you to be anyone else, who love you for exactly who you are.

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It’s okay to burn bridges. It’s okay to scorch the earth and leave it all behind. Letting go is hard, and starting over is even scarier, but it’s all better than being stuck in a situation that is unhealthy or painful. Moving on is the first step to finding something better for yourself.

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You’re allowed to react to a situation in any way you see fit. Just remember that others are allowed to react to your reaction in the way they see fit, too. It doesn’t make them any more in the wrong than you are, no matter how justified you may feel. It may be easy to frame yourself as the victim, but we’re all just trying out best in the situations we’ve been given.

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Sometimes feeling lost is part of the journey. Of course, no one ever wants to hear that. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes we stumble into the most important things in our lives when we least expect it and find the things that give us purpose when we didn’t even know we were looking for it. Don’t be afraid to wander away from the path.

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Everywhere you go, look for kindred spirits. These are the people who see the world through the same lens you do, the ones who understand you in ways you never thought possible. You’ll never find them if you don’t give others the chance to show you who they are—and vice versa.

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Stop looking to other people to tell you what’s right. When you keep letting other people’s voices dictate what you should and shouldn’t do, you stifle the voice in you that wants to guide you in the direction you’re meant to be going. Your intuition is stronger than you’ll ever know—let it guide you.

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Try putting on the rose-colored glasses. Look at the world not only as it is but how you want it to be. Find the unexpected beauty in every moment and approach every situation with a sense of wonder. Realism is important—necessary, even—but idealism can be revolutionary.

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Unconditional love is not always a good thing. Instead, love the people who choose you. Love the people who value you. Love the people who show up for you. Love the people who truly want the best for you. Instead of breaking off pieces of your heart for people who do not deserve it, save them for the people who do.

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