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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be Lucky In Love This Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th is usually viewed as an unlucky day — but that’s simply not the case. Every single day is exactly what you make it. It’s all about your attitude, so if you go into the day thinking it’ll be miserable, that’ll probably be the case. Remember, even though you can’t control what happens to you, you can control your response. You can control the way you handle your failures or your successes. With that in mind, here are some zodiacs who are going to be lucky in love this Friday the 13th:

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Virgo, this Friday is going to be a memorable one — but only if you put in the effort. If you’re in a relationship, do something sweet and unexpected for your partner. And if you’re single, do something sweet for yourself. Remember, self-love counts as love too! No matter what your relationship status is, this Friday is a great day for you to turn off your phone, ignore your emails, and spend some quality time with your favorite person. You deserve it, so don’t put it off for another week!

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Taurus, this is going to be a great Friday as long as you don’t let your pessimism get the best of you. Even though you naturally gravitate toward the worst case scenarios, you need to let yourself visualize what your life would look like if everything went right. Remember, you can’t find love unless you open yourself up to love. Unless you let down your walls and let the right person in. Stop pushing others away. Give them a chance if they’ve proven they can be trusted. Don’t wait any longer. Start this Friday.

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Gemini, you know that love is about more than romance. It’s about your friends, family, peers, and pets as well. This is a great day for you to reach out to someone you care about because you don’t want them to be feeling lonely, isolated, or worried that no one cares about them when they’re always on your mind. Since you aren’t always in touch with your emotions, it might feel funny to start a conversation like this out of the blue, but it’s necessary. Your loved ones will be happy to hear it. It will make their day. Maybe even their week. Remember, if you want this Friday to be a great one, you need to let love in.

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Aries, you are a bold sign — and you need to keep up that attitude if you want to have the best Friday the 13th of your life. Don’t be shy about your emotions. Don’t hold your feelings inside. This is a great day for you to express what’s been on your mind and even get a little bit mushy. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with showing your vulnerability. The more open you are, the closer others will feel to you. It might even encourage them to open up as well. Set the tone. Be a role model. And be yourself.

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