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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, December 28, 2023

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Today, December 28th, the Full Moon is in Cancer. We are looking back at what we have accomplished in the last six months. This is a transit that brings more awareness to our emotions, passions, and ambitions. With Mercury currently retrograde, reflecting is essential before we can kick start our new chapters. See how this Moon will impact your rising, sun, and Moon sign.

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Tensions build today with the Moon in Cancer reminding you to ground yourself and be more present with friends and family. Creating a balance today and for the next few weeks will be essential since it helps you get back on track. But this season already has you working hard and staying on top of the game, so don’t burn yourself out. Just make sure to be there for yourself and those you care about as well.

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Making your dreams a reality comes easier for you in the next several weeks, since you know how to channel your energy in a fruitful way that can bring you a lot of breakthroughs. You are in a period where you are more intuitive and learning more along the way. A reminder to trust yourself and your capabilities.

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Capricorn season is a time when you could feel like you are experiencing a revelation. These are the transits that are going to push you to the next level, and with Saturn in Pisces, you see the vision; the only thing you need to do is keep the pacing. The energy today could give you more clarity and focus on your quest for success.

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Potent transits have allowed you to see your evolution. As Capricorn season brings to focus your relationships and expectations, the Moon today in your sign is a way you could connect to yourself and what you desire. The next several months will catapult you to new heights as long as you remember to honor your independent side. It’s okay to be a devoted partner, but sometimes you have to learn to put yourself first.

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Relaxation could be a major theme for you today as you circle back and gain more awareness of what your needs are. The Moon today is a reflection of the areas where you have not cared for yourself. You could be inspired to treat yourself or take things with ease for the next several weeks. Learn to give yourself the patience and tenderness that you need and may expect from others.

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Being honest with your emotions will allow you to open up to those you love during this Moon in Cancer transit. There is much-needed transparency to build more solid foundations with the people you love. Friendships become much more manageable and exciting during this transit. Allow your emotions to flow because this period will help you step into your next chapter.

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During these important Cardinal transits, you are going to develop more confidence and passion in the work you do. There is also more clarity with the type of environment you want to be in. It could be the season where you analyze your relationships, and you could even meet some interesting people for the next several weeks. You are moving forward with more positive connections that help inspire you.

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Having the Moon today make a transit to your sign can feel like a much-needed break. You can wind down and go at a pace that helps you to stay focused. Luna will allow you to see the growth during the last six months and how you can continue to expand and evolve. It can feel like an optimistic period for you that will help you to continue on your way to the top.

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Uncovering a secret door or portal could be synonymous with this transit. This is a period of exploration and self-discovery as you begin to admire your strength and resilience. You are finding yourself and gaining the balance needed to move forward. The Moon today wants you to step into your power and feel more comfortable with breaking free from the past. Don’t overanalyze and trust your process.

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Love and control come into mind. This is a transit that will help you rediscover the love you have for yourself and how to create the balance needed for those relationships to thrive. You will continue to learn more since this Lunar transit will last for the next few weeks. Finding your words now comes easier but you could feel apprehensive to share your feelings during this time. Express the love you have for others.

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Getting things in order and allowing you to prepare will be important for you during this transit. You can look back and see what you have learned in the last six months. Luna comes to remind you of those victories you accomplished and what is in store for you. The sky’s the limit, and after the retrograde, there are more opportunities to plan and take control of your destiny.

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Your heart could feel the joy and love during this transit. You are more aware of the people who bring you happiness and encourage you to fulfill your dreams. This is a transit that will help you write your own story. You are not afraid to love and to go after what you want. The Moon in Cancer sparks your passion and courage. Taking the spotlight and fighting for what you want will be an interesting challenge for you during the next few weeks.

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