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4 Zodiacs Who Underestimate Their Emotional Strength

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You are stronger than you realize. You can handle so much more than you think. So stop thinking so low of yourself. Stop fooling yourself into believing the worst about yourself. Here are the zodiacs who are constantly underestimating their emotional strength, even though they are as strong as they come:

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Everyone you know thinks of you as a strong, fearless person – but you feel like a fraud. You feel like you’ve successfully tricked them into believing what you want them to believe, even though it’s far from the truth. However, you’re the one who’s wrong. You are emotionally strong. The fact that you get scared from time to time doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re human. The fact that you push past this fear and face whatever is in front of you anyway is what makes you so strong. You never back down, even when you are doubting yourself internally, even when you are tempted to run away.

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You might not feel emotionally strong because you get so attached to people and so upset about losing them – but that is part of your charm. Even though you have been burnt in the past, you aren’t afraid to put your heart on the line again. There are plenty of people out there who will get a small taste of heartbreak, then lock their heart away forever and isolate themselves. But you have never given up on finding your people. You are always reaching out to others and trying to get close to them. You are strong enough to risk rejection and heartbreak. You are strong enough to let down your walls and allow other people into your heart. That’s more than most people can say for themselves.

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You might not feel emotionally strong because you let the tears fall freely whenever you’re upset. You wear your emotions on your face. You aren’t able to hide when you’re upset or annoyed. But this is proof of how strong you are emotionally. You are welcoming in every single emotion that you feel without fear. You aren’t stuffing down important feelings. You are listening to them and letting them guide you. You are strong enough to admit that you aren’t okay when most people will go through life playing pretend. You should be proud of yourself for having the strength to speak the truth, for having the courage to be the most authentically you.

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Remember, crying is not a weakness. Leaning on others when you’re in pain is not a weakness. It takes so much strength to be open and honest about your emotions, with others and with yourself. It takes strength to reach out for help instead of pretending everything is fine and you can handle yourself. It takes strength to be as vulnerable as you are every single day. Although some others might accuse you of being overemotional or weak, trust that they are wrong. You are strong for embracing and accepting your feelings instead of pushing them away. You are strong for facing your problems head-on and striving to grow one step at a time.

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