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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle To Show Their Real Selves On First Dates

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Some zodiac signs are going to be incredibly nervous on first dates. Even though they don’t mean to come across as inauthentic, they’ll have trouble letting loose and letting their most authentic selves show. There will be a wall up, or a mask on, even if they don’t realize it. Here are the zodiacs who struggle to show their true selves on first dates because it takes a little while longer to get to know the real them:


Taurus aren’t always their real selves on first dates. They need time to warm up to new people so when you first meet them, they are going to be a little less talkative and a little less themselves. They won’t want to say anything that is going to cause conflict or potentially embarrass them, so they will let you do most of the talking. And when it’s their turn to talk, they won’t say anything too deep. They will mostly keep the talk about surface level things. However, once you get to know them, they are going to show you every single side of themselves. You just need to be patient. They just need some time.

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Cancers are people-pleasers. They will want the first date to go well so badly that they will have trouble letting loose and being their real selves. Instead, they will say what they think you want to hear. They will put on an act in order to impress you. They aren’t trying to lie or trick you into believing they’re someone that they’re not. They’re simply trying to make a good first impression. They’re trying to make sure you have a good time. Although they won’t be entirely authentic on the first date, they will open up more and more the more you get to know them. A few dates in, you will meet the real them.

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Virgos are overthinkers. They get extra nervous on first dates and have trouble letting down their walls. After all, they don’t want to say the wrong thing and embarrass themselves, so they will be extra careful about every word that comes out of their mouth. Unfortunately, they might come off a little robotic at first because they aren’t letting themselves relax and have a good time. But if you go on another date with them, this will change. They will be a ton of fun once they start feeling more comfortable around you, once they are able to let down those walls once and for all.

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Sagittarius make excellent first impressions because they’re hilarious and fun. However, they probably aren’t going to tell you their life story on the first date. They are going to keep a lot of facts to themselves because they won’t feel comfortable sharing yet. Although you might like the person you meet on the first date, it won’t be the real them. Not completely. It will only be a small side of them. The rest will be revealed bit by bit the more you get to know them. After all, this sign isn’t going to trust anyone with their biggest secrets. They save their realest selves for the people they know they can trust.

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