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The 6 Zodiac Signs With The Highest Emotional IQ

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Everyone who has ever encountered a Cancer knows that they are the most emotional people out there.

Whatever they are going through they feel extensively and it’s hard for them to bounce back to normal life after so many emotions overwhelming them.

When talking to a Cancer, people feel they can trust them.

Others have the feeling they can open up to a Cancer and talk freely about their emotions without being judged.

Also, it is in Cancer’s nature to help people.

If that means they need to listen to you for hours without saying a word, they will. They genuinely enjoy solving other people’s problems.

The joy they feel from being in an emotional relationship with people, the amount of empathy they posses and the need to connect with others are a few of the clear signs of their high emotional intelligence.

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Gemini is true to their feelings, no matter what. If they feel like crap, they won’t bother trying to hide it.

They don’t want to lie to themselves.

Taking feelings very seriously, Gemini belongs to the group of zodiac signs who are truly emotionally intelligent.

When it comes to solving problems, they have a unique way of doing so it’s the Gemini way.

Whatever seems completely illogical to you, to a Gemini it makes perfect sense.

In addition to that, a Gemini will never keep their mouth shut. If something you said hurt their feelings, be sure they won’t keep it to themselves.

They will say whatever is on their heart and their mind, in spite of the consequences.

They are not afraid of confrontation which is sometimes not a good thing because their arguments can easily grow into serious fights.

Nevertheless, keeping their mouth shut is not an option, even if that means definite confrontation and the possible ending of a friendship.

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At first, you probably wouldn’t categorize Leos in the group of highly emotionally intellectual zodiac signs because of their ego.

Well, their ego and their need to make themselves the best is actually what makes them emotionally intelligent.

They know how to adjust to new situations and during that time, they will definitely fight for the highest social position.

No matter where you put a Leo, they will find their way around and make it a great place for themselves.

While they are fighting for their position, they will stick up for others too.

They are very caring and gentle, especially with people they have feelings for.

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Being one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Virgos have definitely deserved their place in the emotionally intelligent list.

Other than the fact they are ruled by their emotions, Virgo has an analytical mind.

Before making any kind of decision, they will analyze the situation or the people (including themselves) to the last detail.

They simply need to understand others and themselves before making a decision.

Although they are emotionally intelligent, they tend to keep their emotions to themselves but they understand others at the same time.

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A Libran is capable of reading you like a book without you saying a word. They just know their way around human reactions and body language.

They know what others need just from watching how they behave.

This intuition is a clear sign of emotional intelligence.

By listening to that little voice inside, they are able to help people who need help but stay quiet about it.

You’ll never see a Libran saying something without analyzing you first.

Only then will they make a decision and present what they have to say easily without hurting you.

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A Pisces walks a mile in everyone’s shoes. They know exactly what to say and to whom to say it and their timing is always perfect.

Pisces is able to truly understand and live through what someone else is going through.

If you ever need a friend who will truly get what is happening in your life then Pisces is definitely the best choice for you.

Emotionally intelligent Pisces is compassionate, loving and caring and they don’t care about who you are or where you come from—it’s all about the feelings.

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