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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle Making Friends As An Adult

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Some zodiacs are social butterflies. They make new friends wherever they go. Other zodiacs have a little more trouble forming connections. Here are a few zodiacs who struggle to make friends as an adult:


You have trouble stepping outside of your comfort zone because you’re scared of the unknown. You’re a planner who likes things to stay predictable. You like to know what you’re getting yourself into ahead of time. Most of your friends have been there for you since you were a child – but you find it hard to make new friends because that requires you to talk to new people, to embark on new experiences, to step outside of your comfort zone. Even though you make an incredible friend once you get to know someone, it’s hard for you to speak up around strangers. You usually clam up and blend into the background when you don’t know anyone else in the room.

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Your main focus is your career. Every year, you spend more and more time working and less and less time socializing. Even when you’re ready for a wild night out, you would rather gravitate toward old familiar friends than set out to make new friends. It’s hard for you to form new connections because you are so set in your ways. You like to stick to your schedule, stick to tradition, stick to what works. However, since some of your closest friends have moved away, it’s important for you to put yourself out there again. You might miss your old friends and prefer to spend time with them, but when that’s an impossibility, you need to improvise. You need to let some new people in.

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You march to the beat of your own drum and don’t care what anyone else thinks. Even though this is a beautiful quality to have, it can rub some people the wrong way. When they’re expecting you to act a certain way and you completely catch them off guard, they won’t know what to make of you. They won’t know how to communicate with you. They will be too intimidated to start a conversation, and since you couldn’t care less what they think, you won’t start a conversation either. Your independence is admirable, but you need to remember that no one can do it alone. It’s okay to care.

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Scorpios are comfortable around people they know and love, people who have been there for them since they were young. However, they’re pretty quiet around fresh faces. They keep to themselves and let others do the talking. They are hesitant to share too much personal information because they aren’t sure whether they can trust this other person yet. Since Scorpios are so mysterious, some people will take that as a sign they don’t want to be bothered. Some people will walk away without getting to know them. Even though Scorpios are going to let loose and have fun once they grow comfortable with someone, it can take them a while to reach that step.

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