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Whether you are in the ranking of partner-obsessed zodiac signs? We hope not, of course, but it is always better to check …

Hey, don’t start getting your hands on by telling us your partner is the best in the world, the most beautiful, and the cutest!
We believe it even if, perhaps, you and your zodiac sign could make an appearance in today’s horoscope ranking. We decided, in fact, to find out what are those signs that really have their eyes at heart (and therefore also “ lined with ham ”) when talking about their partner. Will you be there too?

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The zodiac signs obsessed with the partner: here is the ranking of today’s horoscope

Who are the zodiac signs obsessed with their partner?

Do you know those people who do nothing but talk about their boyfriend and spend all the time with their boyfriend?
Hey, think that there are even people who, even when they break up with their boyfriend, always end up coming back together!

Today we want to unmask all those zodiac signs obsessed with their partner. We hope not to find you in the ranking: it is true that it is good to be in love but to be obsessed is definitely less fun!

Gemini: fifth place

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Those born under the sign of Gemini do not fall in love often but, when they do, there is really no escape for anyone. The Gemini, in fact, are people with a big heart but who really “open” with difficulty. It’s no surprise, then, that they are obsessed with their partners!

For a Gemini, their boyfriend or girlfriend is almost always the best at everything they do. They only talk about them and really appreciate them a lot, even closing their eyes on not exactly idyllic attitudes!

Aries: fourth place

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Although they are purely very individualistic and independent people (or perhaps precisely for this reason) even those born under the sign of Aries are people who are particularly obsessed with their partner.
On the one hand, the reason is simple: the partner “reflects” the image of Aries and, therefore, it is not strange that he is ” perfect “!

On the other hand, precisely because they are very individualistic, Aries also happen to feel very lonely.
For this reason, therefore, they often end up concentrating their praise and their energies in the relationship with the partner who becomes the center of their world!

Pisces: third place

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Nobody experiences falling in love like Pisces, at least and especially in the first months. Pisces are able to tell you everything about their partner, without ever stopping.
They are among the zodiac signs literally obsessed with their partner because, for Pisces, there simply seems to be no other reason for living!

In love, as they are with love, Pisces is not enough to have a boyfriend and love him. They must also praise him in front of everyone, spend every free minute with him, and always have a photo of him in the background of the phone, to remind them how good he is.
Hey, nothing wrong with that, especially if after some time the obsession starts to wane: it starts to wane, right dear Pisces?

Leo: second place

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Among the partner–obsessed zodiac signs, a special mention comes for those born under the sign of Leo. This is a sign that is particularly obsessed with loyalty and the “rules” of love: that’s why dealing with him can be really heavy at times!

The Lion expects loyalty without “cheats” but also that you never talk about the real problems. Admitting you have one could mean that you no longer love each other! The partner must always be perfect: in love, happy, never have a doubt or a moment of despair. Otherwise, it is not the “right” partner for Leo!

Dear Leos, maybe being less “obsessed” about your partner could help you make your relationships last longer!
We know that this advice, however, will enter from one ear and exit from the other: it is no coincidence that you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that never listen!

Libra: First place in the ranking of partner-obsessed zodiac signs

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At the top of our ranking, today are all those born under the sign of Libra. Dear Libra, do not be angry if we tell you that you are among the zodiac signs obsessed with the partner (and, indeed, in the first place).

For Libra, in fact, their partner is practically the whole Universe. When those born under the sign of Libra get engaged, they begin a process of metamorphosis: they almost become the other person so much they love and respect them!

This obsessed attitude on the part of Libra arises for two reasons. The first is that Libra is a sign that always tends to put others first instead of itself: it is easy, therefore, to believe that your partner is perfect!
The second, however, is that Libra practically completely avoids comparisons, pretending not to see defects, incorrect attitudes, or ” ugliness ” that could ruin their love story!

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