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4 Zodiacs Who Say ‘I Love You’ Too Soon In Relationships

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Some zodiacs take a while to warm up to new partners. Even if they know that they’re in love with someone, they’ll wait a while to say those three little words aloud. They won’t want to rush into anything or spill their heart out too soon. But other signs are quick to spit out the phrase. They won’t be able to hold it in once they start feeling it. Here are a few zodiacs who are most likely to say I love you super early:

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Aries might come across like they don’t care about anyone, and they might act like being in love is silly, but the moment that they fall for someone new, their tune will change completely. They are an incredibly passionate sign and are impulsive to boot. When the thought strikes that they love their partner, they aren’t going to hold back. They are going to blurt out what they’re thinking with no regard for the consequence or their partner’s potential reaction. After all, this sign is as blunt as can be, so they don’t see any reason to hold back. If they’re in love with someone, then they’re going to shout it from the rooftops.

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Cancers are a sensitive sign, so they’ll secretly hope that you say those three little words first. They won’t want to spill their heart out to you, only for you to remain silent or reject them. However, this sign feels a strong need to make others happy – so if they sense you’re going to respond well, they are going to say those three little words pretty early. When they know, they know – so they might have a short burst of bravery where they tell you how they really feel. Of course, they might also regret it soon after and overthink whether it was the right move, but by then it will already be out in the open.

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Libras are the biggest romantics in the zodiac. They never feel the need to be subtle about their feelings. They want to spread the love. They want to be vulnerable and prove to the world that it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s why they’re going to say those three little words pretty early in relationships. They won’t let fear hold them back. And they certainly won’t care about the timing of it all because they understand that those timelines are imaginary anyway. When they feel like the moment is right, they are going to share their feelings. It doesn’t matter if that’s the first night they meet you or deep into the relationship. Anything goes.

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Pisces want you to know that you are loved and appreciated. They want you to understand how much they care because they know what it’s like to feel unloved and alone. They would rather say those three little words too early than risk missing out on the chance to say them at all. Pisces are lovers, so they aren’t shy about their feelings. They will express them to anyone who will listen.

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