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What Your Moon Sign Says About The Love You Search For

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Moon sign relates to one’s inner world and expresses qualities associated with deeper layers of being. This includes conditioned responses, intuition, empathy, emotional experience, and memory, whereas Sun sign expresses outward persona. Qualities of our Moon sign frequently show up in how we subconsciously approach relationships until patterns are healed. The type of care and affection we give (aspects of love) often mirrors the type of care and affection we long to receive. Although coming from a kind place, these actions typically meet internal needs rather than express loving action towards another person.

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As M. Scott Peck writes in “The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth,” “love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” It’s our job to heal patterns so love can stem from a place of maturity and responsibility. By better understanding our Moon sign, we work to meet internal needs rather than have them subconsciously fulfilled by a partner.

Aries Moon

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I crave a partner who is direct and will express themselves honestly. I seek a love that challenges me into being the best version of myself. I deeply detest, and may even fear, playing games. I need someone who can rise to the occasion.


Taurus Moon

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I search for a love I can provide for. Loyalty is a deep value of mine, and one I want expressed. Predictability is important to me. I want someone who will stand by my side.

Gemini Moon

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I seek a partner who gives best-friend energy, someone I can reach out to at any given time. I trust those who mirror and engage in frequent dialogue. I fear abandonment, and this often shows up when there is a perceived lack of communication.


Cancer Moon

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I search for a love that understands and supports my internal world. I desire a partner who feels like home and provides me stability and security. I want love to be a safe haven — both physically and metaphorically speaking.

Leo Moon

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I seek a love who appreciates me and my efforts. I want a playful, joyful type of love. I value public acts of affection. Insecurity arises when I feel our love is hidden from the external world.


Virgo Moon

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I desire a partner I’m sure of. Getting close in relationships means a great deal to me. I want to share the little things in life. I often question whether someone is in alignment. I desire a love who pursues their own goals and dreams, and is as committed to personal growth as me.


Libra Moon

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I seek a love I can reveal the most intimate aspects of myself with. I tend to hide some of my deeper needs, fears, and emotions socially. I long for a love that likes me for who I am.

Scorpio Moon

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I crave a love with commitment. I have a tendency to hyperfixate on betrayal and rejection. Although I can come off strong sexually (and know it’s one of my strengths), I long to experience the softness of a love that’s healing.


Sagittarius Moon

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I seek a love that wants to explore and share memories. I see the best in everyone, and can fantasize about what forms love might take. I long for a love full of energy and one that lets my heart run free.

Capricorn Moon

I crave a partner I see the best in, and long to be their number one supporter. I often question whether I’m doing enough in love or if I’m sharing the right things to express it. I long for a love that relaxes me.

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Aquarius Moon

I crave a love that’s unconventional. I want a partner who challenges me into deeper self-expression and authenticity. I’m not afraid of chaos, and search for a love who will rock my world.

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Pisces Moon

I seek a love that feels gentle. I long for a partner who brings ideals into physical reality. I crave a love that carries me outside the bounds of what I currently know. The intent behind love is important.

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