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4 Zodiacs Who Never Get Over Their Exes

Some zodiacs move on quickly. Once they end a relationship with you, they will never want to see your face again. They will be done with you completely. But other zodiacs are always going to hold a special place for you in their heart. No matter how much time or distance separates you, they will still think about you from time to time. Here are a few zodiacs who never get over their exes completely:


Libras are one of the most sentimental signs in the zodiac. Once you earn a space in their heart, you won’t be leaving anytime soon. A Libra is going to cherish the moments you’ve shared for the rest of their lives. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they want to be with their exes. They understand that some people are only supposed to be in their life for a season and then they should go their separate ways. A Libra isn’t going to cling onto the wrong relationship because they want to do what’s best for themselves and that other person. But parting ways doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about you. They will always remember you. They will always want the best for you.


Cancers are always doubting themselves, so when a person comes along who makes them feel special, they are never going to forget about that person. They are going to hold onto them for as long as possible – but sometimes, they have to let go. They have to move on. And they will. For the most part. Although a part of them will always miss their ex, a Cancer realizes that they can’t live in the past. They know that that isn’t fair to their new partners or to themselves.


Taurus get deeply attached to the people that they date. That’s why they are highly selective about who they let into their lives. Once you earn a spot in their heart, you’re never going to leave. Even long after you two have parted ways, this sign is going to think of you from time to time. They are going to miss you and wish that you were on better terms. Although they are stubborn and won’t reach out to someone who has hurt them, if you’ve ever dated them, then they probably aren’t over you all the way. They probably still care. At least a little.


Pisces know that it’s not always possible to stay friends after a breakup, but they will try their hardest to make this happen. They want to keep their exes in their lives for as long as possible because they shared a special bond with this person. They didn’t date them randomly. They had a million little reasons. Even though this sign might not be in a relationship with someone anymore, that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopping thinking about this person. Pisces are nostalgic and sentimental, so there will be plenty of moments when this person pops into their mind, when they’re tempted to reach out. But they will only do it if they won’t hurt anyone – whether that’s their ex, their new partner, or themselves.

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