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4 Zodiacs Who Need A Serious Nap This Weekend (Oct 6-8)

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You’re always going, going, going—and you’re rarely stopping to catch your breath. I know you have grand plans mixed with spontaneous revelations, but even the energetic Aries needs a break sometimes. Take a cue from the shortening days and changing leaves and take that long-awaited nap you’ve been avoiding for months. Sleep in, wrap yourself in blankets, and wile away your weekend with a hot mug of apple cider. You can always go full-speed again on Monday.

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Your nap is less about being physically tired and more about how emotionally exhausted you’ve been lately. You’ve been holding it together so well all week, so now’s the time to give in to your big emotions. Your prescription is for a long nap and maybe some cookie dough ice cream. And if you’re thinking of calling up all of your friends individually to vent your frustrations over work and life, maybe take that nap first. A clear head might make you realize that broadcasting your struggles isn’t the right move right now.

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Naps aren’t really a part of the plan, are they, Virgo? It’s not like you’ve been adding them to your to-do list. There’s just too much to get done! But here’s a lesson that you might not have fully grasped just yet: Self care is a major component of a happy and healthy life and should definitely be added to your master plan. It doesn’t make you lazy or less of a goal-setting badass. The dishes can wait. I promise.

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Control—it’s what you love. You believe that your strength of character can get you through all things, and that taking a pause to recharge is for the weak. And you’re not weak, right Capricorn? On the other hand, isn’t it a truly weak person who can’t admit when they just need to lie their head on their pillow for a while and zonk out? Napping isn’t going to make you any less of the cool, aloof, know-it-all that you’ve always been proud to be. If it makes you feel better, you can always put on a TV show and pretend you fell asleep by accident.

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