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These 3 zodiac signs are the most impatient

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Everyone has heard of the metaphorical patience. Some people are lucky to have a long and sturdy thread. Traffic jams, queues, waiting – they don’t mind all that. You are calm in person, true Zen masters.

And then there is the other kind of community. Those with a very short thread of patience that tears at the slightest tension. When the patience was distributed, they were honking in the traffic jam, waiting to drive them crazy.

But: These people can do nothing for their impatience. Because the penchant for nervousness and restlessness was put in their cradle with their zodiac sign. We present the three zodiac signs that are the most impatient.

The top 3 most impatient zodiac signs

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3rd place: Libra

Weighing scales are actually super balanced and lovable people. They are extremely in need of harmony, fair and diplomatic. Weighing scales are always friendly and helpful towards their fellow human beings. In groups, they often take on the role of mediator.

Only: scales also have a hard time deciding whether to say yes or no. So they often don’t know what they want. Because they are also extremely enterprising and want to experience as much as possible and see the world, scales tend to be discontinuous, restless and impatient.

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2nd place: Sagittarius

Shooters are considered individual, optimistic and fun-loving. And: they are really lucky. No wonder that shooters go through life exceptionally happy and are always on the lookout for new adventures. Shooters usually have a large circle of friends, because their open, engaging and generous nature makes them very popular with their fellow human beings.

Only: Woe, something is not going according to the wishes and ideas of the shooters. Because the sign of the zodiac cannot cope with disappointments and setbacks – it tears its patience. Then the actually nice shooter can get really nasty and mean.

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1st place: Aries

Neither Libra nor Sagittarius are as impatient as the Aries . Even with the smallest test of patience, the zodiac sign literally goes through the wall with your head. Aries are extremely impulsive, passionate and argumentative.

They have their own ideas and views and don’t like to be dictated to. Aries discussions? Forgiven love labor and almost certainly tears and strife in the end. There are no factual arguments for rams – because they simply lack the patience to deal with them.

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